Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sexy Sives, Slums, and a bit of Wondering on OutCast

*warning this post contains my personal thoughts and no actual news per se, so please skip if looking for something entirely just news*

So, this month is my birthday, and it's a rather milestone type of moment, thus I thought I'd indulge my inner shallow fangirl side and devote a series of posts to teh sheer sexiness of Jamie Sives (utterly crass, shameful yes yes yes, but there you go) The first up was to be about an appearance Jamie made in a series called "Silent Witness." To be quite candid, I had never heard of this show until I saw one poster over on the abyss that is imdb these dates, was carrying on about too Jamie having too many tattoos (but complimentary of his bum, which is you know, very lovely indeed as is all of him) Anway, decided to look this show up, and the results surprised me, and actually tie into another thing which is on my mind-the settings for OutCast, which will star the superb Kate Dickie.

Now what the hell do these have in common? Well tis a bit of meandering thing but if you want to follow, here goes.

The episode Jamie was in, featured the truly growing problem of gang war fare, murder of children by frankly, other children. Jamie plays the love interest of one of the leads on the regular show, as he is a paramedic sent to the scene of several of these murders. The shallow part, is that in videos I found on the great fan hope in the sky, YouTube, you can indeed see Jamie in several very hot scenes, including nude loveliness and zomg another tattoo I didn't know he had- all well and fine for a stupid fangirl like me right ?

Well, the the more mature and news person in me came to my senses and starting thinking about the nature of the ghettos I suppose and the slums and poverty stricken areas I see in so many UK films of late ...well not all of course, there are the glam period pieces, and one huge glorious exception of David Mackenzie's Hallam Foe, but still. Slumdog Millionaire was wonderful, truly, but I have to wonder, would it have been such a success if the characters had been from slums or heh here's an idea, middle class towns of say Russia, or Madrid, Spain, or Brazil or Birmingham England, or Glasgow, or Detroit, or even Iowa where folks are also struggling?(yes OF COURSE I full well understand the despair in areas of India and I am in no way disparaging them!)

Then, I started thinking again 'bout the upcoming OutCast film and the news from the Sunday Herald that they would be first be filming in Ireland (while Im ALL FOR PROMOTING IRELAND and the great film making that is going on there yes yes yes, what about the lesser known parts of Scotland? or is this an Irish crew/backed film?) If so, then why are they using Edinburgh, why not parts of the Highlands, or Abderdeen or Inverness or places not normally used?- I AM OVER THINKING THIS i know lol. Right so then I started pondering on the line about them then filming in 'unglamourous' places such as Niddrie, Muirhouse and Sighthill (described here on youtube as Slums). Now the whole point of shooting there I suppose was as the Herald describes the plot as the characters "hope to find anonymity and security."

Really? In a slum or rundown part? Personally, I think anonymity can be equally displayed in these areas, as well as middle class burbs such where I live, or even higher end areas like even in the locales used for New Town Killers.

Maybe it's me and my daft and wacko background, because in New Orleans very near where batty Anne Rice lurked around with her vampires lol, and I absolutely do know those who swear to you this is the real deal and some just ignore it, most just go with the flow but there are always those few who think, hmm yes! Now you can laugh at this nonsense, but locations in films are a big thing to me, and I wonder what might happen if they took Kate's character and filmed her in a 'normal' area of Edinburgh-aren't there folks there who might be 'believers' in the sidhe at all levels and walks of life? What thinking and reasoning do filmmakers go thru when choosing that sort of thing- will it enhance the 'thriller' or 'supernatural' aspect to the film if its in a poverty stricken area? If you've ever seen the absolutely brilliant Kevin Spacey in a film version of one of my favorite books ever-Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you will know that supernatural can be found everywhere, even in posh lovely old burbs of Savannah, lol. But that is neither here nor there as I am certain COST is HUGE consideration, and I know the set designers and location scouts have input into this- man I guess I need to take some classes or pursue this location thing more!Plus Outcast looks really interesting and I can't wait to hear more about it in the coming days and see teh film one day!

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a complaint saying I dont want to know about these areas and the lives many people are leading, because I most certainly do as its part of my every day job in news and has been for over 20 years. Most certainly there are many stories such as the one depicted in the program that need to be brought to light and reforms help made issued. Rather I'm just on about the the stereotypes and commonality, and longing for unconventional settings of perhaps common stories told in different manners and that includes using different locales.

Sorry for the long boring post, but hope at least Ollie got to see some of the Jamie goodness lol :) PS: caution of teh alkjflafjaph hotness here in part 2 (in between the sobering and sad tale and depressing storyline,) seriously so weird but wowza for J fans, plus OMG SOOO ROMANTIC with him rowing-ah if only that were me one day! :)


  1. Firstly, Happy Birthday for this month Sue! Many happy returns to you for that day.
    May you celebrate it with a weekend of parties and lots of booze! *G*
    (well, that's what I did for my milestone birthday last year - it was loads of fun).

    Down to business......
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Thud, thud, thud, 1,000 thuds!!
    Thanks for the pics of Jamie and the youtube link.

    Are there any more Silent Witness videos there with Jamie in?

    Thankfully I didn't check out your blog until later in the day, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on work all day! *LOL*

    Now I've had a long post. Thanks again Sue, you are an absolute star for finding all these Jamie treasures for us (well, at least me anyway!).

    Back to more drooling and thudding....
    I think I need a good lie down now.


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