Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet and Scary Faerie Tales

Top o' the morning/evening/ early St. Pattys day to all who are celebrating...As such have a few Irish film related updates today:

Fingers crossed that Triage, starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will land some distributors. A few months ago Screen Daily was on about how its a possible contender for Cannes, and IFTN is now reporting that the companies involved are off to MIPTV market in Cannes. This is a business event which precedes the fabled film festival and will take place at the end of the month. NO IDEA when a trailer for the film will be released or actual new stills, but fingers crossed that things may turn the tide here soon. Personal note: Gotta say am more impressed with Colin Farrell of late. Found his appearance on J.Ross excellent moving and sincere; his work has continued to improve dramatically so fingers crossed too hes turning his personal life around for the better and this film will also be another indication of what quality work he can deliver. I am also quite confident on Jamie's work too but that goes without saying ;)))

After the announcement of the newest Sigma Films Initiative: Advance Party II, I've decided I want to educate myself a bit more about the directors/writers involved in the project, because quite frankly I know very little about their works. Shameful and a subject of scorn to some perhaps, but I intend to try and do something on each of them (as the blog for the project is still being developed)and I know others are interested too. The only way to encourage interest in Sigmas AP II and become a better film fan is learn about this stuff, so if it makes me seem uncool and twee well so be it, but I intend to support Sigma in this endeavor-hope others will too! :) Right, as it is St Pattys, I thought it would be cool to take a look at one of the very cool AND spooky and well received pieces from one of the participating directors: Ciaran Foy. He directed a short film that apparently did really well at various festivals etc that really caught my eye -and perfect for today too lol. Check it out! The Faeries of Blackheath Woods! These arent the fairies of disney lol, cool stuff!

Finally, ATTENTION Kate Dickie/James Nesbitt fans looking for info/updates on OUTCAST. (and again NO this is NOT a Sigma film production, im just a fan of Kates)

I have been trying very very hard to obtain info on this film. Plainly put: at the moment THERE IS NONE, save a sparse film page on IMDB. No idea where they are currently shooting (last I heard Sighthill area, Edinburgh???) but that is probably wrong and/or out of date. I've been trying to get in touch with film people but alas no one is answering or cares much that there are actually a few of us interested in this film, save the one kind soul who told us production has started. The only thing of late I've been able to come up with a tiny article that has this: Produced by Fantastic Films with funding from the Irish Film Board and Scottish Screen, Outcast is shooting in Scotland and at Solas Studios in Galway.

If anyone has any info directions they'd be inclined to steer me etc, anon comments welcomed lol- as are emails to I absolutely do NOT reveal sources unless they are cool with it, and I most certainly do not repost emails on blogs etc. Doubt it will work, but if anyone is inclined , I thought I'd put it out there plainly for those who may be wondering lol /shameless.

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