Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Donkeys Star James Cosmo an Outcast?

Hello, hello, and hello to all the new readers, esp the wonderful James Nesbitt fans! :)

Outcast News & Observations today:

Thanks to the ever awesome Dougie for letting me know that word has it actor James Cosmo may have joined the Outcast crew, and filmed a scene yesterday in UPDATE: Edinburgh or more precisely on High Street beside the St Giles cathedral. His credits are not listed on the IMDB page,and I thought he was off doing that Burns film, but if true, this would be very cool as James Cosmo is of course Kate Dickie's co star in the upcoming Donkeys, the sequel of sorts to Red Road and the second in the Sigma Films initiative Advance Party films. A mobile phone pic seems to show James; anyone with more info (& esp pics of Katie too!), please feel free to email or comment

New footage of James Nesbitt on Youtube today, which is cool as it really gives you an idea of how long it can take just to set up a shot (see vids one and two), and then end up filming something (see vid 3 below) which seemingly is simple, like Mr. Nesbitt's character running thru the streets of Dalkeith. I know Sigma's Colin Kennedy wrote about this process many times when he chronicled the making of David Mackenzie's Hallam Foe-new readers, you ought to go check out the HF blog if you are interested in an honest accounting of making a film. Anyway, ever grateful to the folks who are uploading this stuff to youtube!

Finally, the Scotsman is apparently paying attention huzzah! to all the fan interest in the film, as there is a new article online today, containing more on the film. On the filming front there was this: Shooting has already taken place in Dalkeith, Midlothian, and other scenes are set in Stockbridge and the city centre. The cast and crew will then be filming for two weeks in Galway, Ireland. Mr Nesbitt is also commenting on filming in the lovely city of Edinburgh and its surroundings as follows:"I love Edinburgh and it's great to be back. We'll just be here for another couple of weeks. The people are very friendly, the sun is shining and it's St Patrick's Day, so it couldn't be better."

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  1. Sue,
    For info the James Cosmo scene was being filmed on the High Street in Edinburgh beside St Giles cathedral not in Dalkeith.