Monday, March 30, 2009

Attention James Nesbitt Fans: Outcast Due to Release at Berlin Film Festival Next Year

A bit of a rather surprising (optimistic?) update today regarding Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Katie Dickie (Sigma's Red Road, upcoming Donkeys). The movie, which is still in production this week before moving to Galway, Ireland to film for two weeks, has release dates already in the works. According to AllMediaScotland, the film is quote:
due for release at the Berlin Film Festival in 2010 and at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June 2010.

I'm really quite surprised at this, as most of those selections are not made this far in advance. Am I wrong about this? Well sure there are negotiations talks and most certainly HOPE this will be the case, but I am uncertain how accurate it is... Nonetheless, its surely something to go on, and by all means keep fingers crossed this will turn out to be true! I have great hopes for films showing at Edinburgh this year, and Berlin obviously is such a plum, but still...dunno.

Related: This news on the possible release dates were part of an article about the Location manager on the film, Nicola Parker. Quotage:

The location at Sighthill was chosen as the empty flats provide the eerie, post apocalyptic quality required to set the scene of the film. Nicola’s job involves scouting potential locations, taking pictures and providing recommendations to the Director of the film. She believes the course at Stevenson provided an excellent grounding for working in the film industry. Nicola Parker said:

“I was well equipped to deal with the technical language used on film sets and knew exactly what was expected of me. The course at Stevenson is practical and is run by people who have actually worked in the film industry. I still phone them when I need advice and they’re always happy to help.”

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