Thursday, March 26, 2009

James Nesbitt, Kate Dickie OutCast Filming Week Two: Now in Sighthill?

The Outcast Filming Watch: Week Two continues today, thanks to the awesome reader who let us know that filming for the new movie starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie (Sigmas Red Road/ Rounding up Donkeys) will be filming in the Sighthill area over the next few days! woot! This was indeed one of the locations mentioned before in several press articles; needless to say any luck ones who are in the area and are willing to do so, please send in your pics and reports-will be more than glad to post them. There are loads of us out there who are interested in this film (especially all you awesome James Nesbitt fans, wow very impressive and cool people must say!) Be sure to check out the pics from last week up on flickr, and these previous posts on the filming here and here. Cheers, Chrissi and thanks!

Related: The Outcast IMDB page has been updated with more details on the cast, confirming that beloved character actor James Cosmo (Star of Sigma Films upcoming Donkeys, the second installment/sequel of sorts to Red Road) is indeed in the film in the role as "Laird." Great news (and thanks again to Dougie who went the extra steps and generously took a pic of James at work for me)

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  1. Will try and get photos on the site but Mr Nesbitt has not been on the night shoots that have been getting filmed the last 3 nights shame