Monday, March 30, 2009

More on the August Release Date for David Mackenzie's "Spread"

As a quick follow to the news a few days ago regarding a possible release date for David Mackenzie's "Spread," the LA Times is reporting on Anchor Bay and their move into the world of theatrical distribution. Following on the very likely report of an August 14th release date for the new movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche the times piece has the following:

In the coming months, Anchor Bay will begin rolling out films with bigger stars, such as “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” starring Michael Douglas, on May 1 and “Spread,” with Ashton Kutcher, in August. It plans as many as 10 releases annually. "Doubt" and "Spread" were acquired from independent financiers. ... Jason Goldberg, Kutcher's producing partner on "Spread," understands that Anchor Bay's move from straight-to-video movies to theatrical films is a leap. But he believes the video background will be crucial to Anchor Bay's success, as it has taught the company how to create interest economically and creatively. "Their understanding of that market is absolutely the key," Goldberg said. "And I love the fact that this is one of the first movies on their label. They are going to make it work. We are not fearful in the least."
Heck yea!
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I've been told too an awesome person that is in place to know that August is looking likely at this point, so this is all much welcomed news!So lets mark this down now: August 14, 2009 I'm going on a date with Ashton lol haha Plus EVEN BETTER: Valhalla Rising is looking like an August release as welll, so........will this make it A SWEET SIGMA SUMMER??????
or better yet Sweet Sigma and SIVES SUMMER!!!!! :)))))))
hell yea!
If you are interested in Spread and an overview of the posts I made during filming, click here. Fingers crossed we are going to see more from the marketing of the film in near future, cant wait!

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