Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not All is Golden

...dispatch from the fanzone....

While Colin may be magnanimous in defeat, I however do NOT have to be ...because I AM A FAN GIRL ...and thus i feel compelled to say something about the events at the Scottish Bafta New Talent award: YOU WERE ROBBED, BOO HISS, THAT SUX! WE'LL GET EM NEXT YEAR err yea.....more like when Colin ffng wins at Cannes then the big Baftas then when David Colin Gillian and all at Sigma win the big O as they bloody well will will will one day mark my words, well then we'll just see how little this was anyway, wont we? heh....

So speaking of finding the gold....ohh can you sense it, hear it coming Ollie? ;)))
goofball transition ahead to something that is GOLDEN ALRIGHT...

a beautiful GOLDEN moment from the past relating to Jamie Sives!!!

.... yes, yes, I did actually did write this knowingly and willingly in a sort sober state of mind too....

Five golden years ago, give or take a few days, we saw the release of
ONE LAST CHANCE, which stars Jamie along with Kevin Mckidd, Iain Robertson as well as TWO FUTURE ADVANCE PARTY CAST MEMBERS James Cosmo and Brian Pettifer of the upcoming DONKEYS
(quick, take 20 points in the six degrees of Sigma game )
It also featured a cameo from the film's producer ... Dougray Scott ... again more points as he stars now with Sigma's Alastair Mackenzie in New Town Killers.... fascinating isn't it...more scary tho is the idea i actually ponder on all of this and commit to ink/blog/web for all eternity-go me :P

Right: One Last Chance tells the daft tale of three Scottish lads and their err quest for the gold as it were.
Two clips and trailer here via Virgin media, as well as this classic fan video which pretty much sums up the whole film (and the music while it doesnt quite work, its always a bonus to hear coldplay.... to continue lost weekend in a bottle
..........fangirl out................


  1. Ahhhh!! Sweet gold, it is.

    Thanks Sue for another couple of gems.

    Keep on drinkin'. Whoo Hoo!


  2. Woot Right on Ollie!
    Tomorrow's St. Pats you know so the fun continues ;D

    I always have to chuckle this time of year as I often (sadly to some I suppose) have a hell of weeklong indulgence for the birthday.

    One year, no joke, taking a final for in college for geology of all things, had so much booze in the body (despite having stopped and feebly tried to inject coffee into my body hours earlier) that as I was taking my test, I dropped my pencil, bent over to pick it up, and naturally fell out of chair, over the top of the desk, and ended up tipping over half the row of desks, much to the huge amusement of my fellow students (most were athletics as I did my undergrad at a major major US college, and this course was informally called 'rocks for jocks') I should point out the Professor was NOT amused and I had to finish off sitting at the head desk and not allowed to leave for a potty break which was hell when you are full of booze... lol.

    Anyway, while I utterly disgraced myself in class that day, I am proud to report that not only did I score a 100%, but ended up graduating with honors. good lord, but there it is, what a stellar person I am lol. I do not recommend this naturally to any others but there is a brief and useless tale from my life :D

    Thanks as always Ollie for reading the blog, and sharing in the Jamie love-truly heartening to know there are others out there who appreciate this marvelous actor! :)


  3. ROTFLMAO!!!
    Thanks Sue, I was in need of a good laugh this arvo. I can sympathise as I did something similar in one of my final exams in high school - not to the extent you went to though! *LOL*
    (I dropped my rather heavy pen onto the floor, then made a hell of a racket trying to pick it up *G* ... and I was sober!)

    No problem, thanks again for a lovely blog on a lovely actor and finding lovely treats for us at times. Please keep up the great work!


    P.S: I'm following you......
    on Twitter that is. *LOL*
    Changed to my knickname so you know who it is now.