Friday, March 6, 2009

Tweet! New Official Stills for "I Love Luci" Short Film

Tweet tweet ;)

Sigma has posted three new official stills from Colin Kennedy's upcoming
"I Love Luci" short film.

As seen via this link on the Sigma website, you can see new photos of:
Camilla Rutherford in her lead actress role of Marjory Maconologue
*teehee love the last name :) *

Colin Harris as Tommy, along with Camilla

Director Colin Kennedy (sporting the natty hat and the tan puffy jacket) along with his crew filming on location in Glasgow, Scotland.


  1. Has EVERYONE on this planet gone crazy with TWITTER? I mean like some of my friends have demanded that I started following them on Twitter, like several people in ONE DAY! I mean I do have an account, but I never TWIT nor do I follow anyone.. Is it really such a cool thing?

  2. Hi you!!!

    LOL on the Tweeting! I have to admit at first I was like what the hell? it seemed odd, sorta arrogant or something I dunno, figured most people dont care that much about me to want to know what Im doing most of the time lol, but thru time it became fun, a collective way to share and talk with people (we have a blast watching LOST all around the world together lol or making fun of Ryan Seacrest in the pre-Oscar hoopla etc)

    I understand fully why people dont want to join in the Tweeting, but on the other hand, tis a great way to connect, and permit people like Ashton, his wife, or movie directors (even Congress have their own seriously) plus other big shots in their own minds actually speak to wee nothing folks like me lol. Others like Hugh of Gaping void,uses it spread his ideas and thoughts and generate conversation which is always cool. Or you can simply chat via the world to friends and let others follow along. (Dont forget you dont have to "follow everyone, just see the @ replies, which lets a lot of the bigshots keep their privacy and not have to actually deal or know about us lol) plus you can set it to private and only let whoever you want see your tweets etc.

    I strongly recommend Stephen Fry's twitters-hes an hugely articulate witty simply hilarious fascinating man in his Tweets (HERO I think) flat out genius already...well worth following (Jonathan ross is funny too )!!!

    I am hoping Colin will let us more stuff via Twitter (you can update via phone dont need to be attached to the laptop etc) so it might be easier quicker for all of us to get news? anyway hope you like it for a while at least!