Friday, March 27, 2009

Look Sharp Like a New Town Killer: More from Richard Jobson, Isa & the Filthy Tongues

Music me friday goodies galore today!

First, thanks to a wonderful musical note - ok lame, but follow the Isa twitter everyone, they are awesome- I learned that Richard Jobson was recently a guest on the Janice Long BBC Radio 2 program. In a lengthy, and candid (very refreshing) interview I have to say, Mr J talks at length on New Town Killers. We also hear the track from Isa & the Filthy Tongues, and learn more on how this local band from Edinburgh was asked to be part of the film. While there was no mention of NTK star Alastair Mackenzie (WHY is that Mr J? does he not like him lol) there is some great insight into the reasoning behind the making of the film, Dougray Scott. Along with some fabulous details from his fabled music career and adventures with the Skids (RJ also picked out the music you hear too, Love the Clash as well!), there is news on the next film on the docket, one involving Afghanistan and those who have been fighting there. Wish there had been news on the Macb..oh wait- animated Scottish film :P which actually looks hella cool.

Blather blather LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE (I was able to access it here in the US, so hopefully others will not have a problem either)

BTW: Every girls crazy bout a sharp town killer? Huh?? What am I on about now?-CHECK THIS OUT! NEW TOWN KILLER ISA & the Filthy Tongues T-shirts!

Now this is very cool. Some time ago, on flickr, cinematographer Derrick Peters who worked on several Sigma productions, and also NTK took this FABULOUS PHOTO of the cast and crew, with several sporting NTK tees. This very much is Mr Peters photo, all due rights and credit are HIS.

PLEASE NOTE THE ISA TS ARE NOT THE EXACT SAME, but pretty darn close, plus they sport the Isa name, sweet! Im so so ordering one of the shirts! You can order yours via this link. Reminder too, the single for New Town Killers will be out on APRIL 6. As confirmed by Richard Jobson in the above interview, New Town Killers will be out in June. Trailer on my youtube channel, music video from Isa again because its seriously cool, below

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