Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spread Soundtrack Preview from DJ APLUSK

Its a new month and Spring is actually sorta kinda arriving here in the States, so its time for some new music to celebrate, courtesy of master blaster himself, DJ APLUSK. Yes, while he now has a million in his tribe, the guru has been spreading the good word of songs from his upcoming new film directed by David Mackenzie "Spread" I have not done this Blip thing which seems cool enough I suppose (but growing due to the music man's tweets ;0) Right, lend and ear and you shall hear, songs from Spread, out August 14th starring Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche
Duke Spirit-This Ship Was Built to Last

Sea Wolf-The Garden You Planted

Reeve Carney Think of You (link to their youtube channel)


  1. Please, please, please can you tell me what the song is on the trailer for spread. I thought it sounded like The Courteeners but it's not.. The lyrics go something like 'People say... I only hear what I wanna hear' or something like that..

    I've looked everywhere...

  2. Do you have the entire soundtrack please ?
    I can't find it anywhere on the web :(

  3. the song in the trailer is.. you and me by one night stand

  4. Can You tell me please the songs title which was on the dancing in the bar scene? i mean where nikki and heter were hooking that billionaire.. please plase please, cant find a shi* :(

  5. hello,i would like to now what song it is in the dance scene when he dances with heather at the bar?does anyobody now?thank you

  6. Here you go all the Music listed in the movie credits

    Spread (2009) Unofficial Soundtrack

    The Duke Spirit - This Ship Was Built To Last

    AM - Mainstay (Unsettled Mix)

    The Broken West - Down In The Valley

    Bumblebeez - Dr. Love

    The Orchard - Been So Long

    The Whigs - Hot Bed

    Kurt Hagardorn - International Travel Advisory

    Kurt Hagardorn - Last Time Rewind

    Ashtar Command - Do It Like This

    Invaudio - First Time

    Isa & The Filthy Tongues - Big Star

    The Whigs - Right Hand On My Heart

    Rumspringa - Shak'em Loose Tonight

    Reeve Carney - Think Of You

    Swimmer One - But My Heart Is Broken

    The Silver Seas - Ms. November

    Sea Wolf - The Garden You Planted

    The Raveonettes - Ode To LA


    One Night Stand - You And Me

  7. can u tell me please the name of the soundtrack at the party in the beginning of the movie? please