Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cannes Watch: Trailer for "Its a Wonderful Afterlife" to Screen, Irish Films to Promote "Triage"

Cannes Watch: In addition to the news about the work and guidelines created by Sigma Films and Advance Party being featured at the film festival, word today that two film starring my favorite actor Jamie Sives will also be in the spotlight at Cannes this week.

First a special trailer for Gurinder Chadha's "It's a Wonderful AfterLife" will screen for buyers ONLY at Cannes. According to this article, the film has already been sold by Hanway films to nine countries, fingers crossed we will get to see it here in the States. Doubt any of us lowly fans will get to see this, but glad to hear they are actively promoting the film.

Also, the Irish Times reiterates that Danis Tanovic's Triage starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Sives will indeed be featured and for sale at Cannes. Still waiting on the trailer of course for the movie which I think is supposed to come out in late fall/holiday

Finally, according to the UK Film Centre, Outcast, starring Katie Dickie and James Nesbitt will be promoted to buyers at the famous film festival held in Cannes this week in France.

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY people who get to see glimpses of these films

peace out :)

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