Friday, May 15, 2009

Big News! David Mackenzie to Make New Film with Ewan McGregor This August in Scotland

BREAKING and BIG NEWS! Sigma's own David Mackenzie will be reunited with his Young Adam star, acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor for a new film. In the slew of press for Angels and Demons, Ewan McGregor stated:

I've got the summer off and then I go back to Scotland in August to do a film with my friend David Mackenzie who I did 'Young Adam' with. We're doing a second film up there.

No word if this is Stain in the Snow, or what the heck film this is, but this sorry is a
Even better cause I'll be in Scotland then, omg *dies*

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  1. Oh man!! You're going to Scotland!!!! Sooooooo jealous.

    You'll have to email me where you are going so I can travel vicariously through you and reflect with memories of my trip from years ago. *sighs*