Monday, May 18, 2009

SWEET VIDEO: FIRST LOOK at Colin Kennedy's I Love Luci, plus 2 minute clip of Valhalla Rising with Mads Online!!!

Check it out!!!
Today we have quite a treat: our first look at I Love Luci!!!
A Sigma films short, you can see the first footage of Camila Rutherford and Colin at work in the new film written & directed by Sigma's own Colin Kennedy and produced by Brian Coffey of Sigma! LOL at all the sugar hahaha, SWEET Business indeed Colin!!!!xx

Part of a special promo being screened at Cannes, you can see the first footage below at 7:30 in to the spot. Bonus too is A NEW SCENE from Richard Jobson's New Town Killers, featuring a very dangerous Dougray Scott in pursuit of James Anthony Pearson (that starts at approx 1:42) Finally you can see A SHORTED VERSION OF the previously released TRAILER for Valhalla Rising at the end which stars Mads Mikkelsen- BOOOOOO YOU CUT OUT JAMIE SIVES, WHY???suckage.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please note that this same promo reel is on the website WITH A BRAND NEW CLIP OF MADS IN VALHALLA RISING, but the SOUND DOES NOT WORK!!! AGGGH!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Uk film council/center/scottish screen people, can someone please fix that video????
You can see that video here, sans audio. While no Jamie Sives I could see alas, this Valhalla Rising clip is of Mads fighting when tied to the pole that we've seen in all those promo pics, tis freaking awesome, 2 minutes long, and its at the very end! Check it out!

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  1. Shame on them for cutting out our Jamie! No Al neither...

    UK Film Centre still hasn't fixed the sound, (or my head is still messed up from all the drougs I've been taken after my tonsils operation Wednesday)..... hm... No, I still go for the first one... :-)