Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Still from David Mackenzie's You Instead, Plus Ticket Info

Courtesy of Sigmafilms

Tickets are now on sale at THIS LINK for the world premiere of David Mackenzie's "You Instead" taking place at the Glasgow Film Festival Friday, February 25 NOTE ONLY THE SECOND SCREENING THAT NIGHT REMAINS-THE FIRST HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT! :) So if you want to see it, be quick on the spot!

Reminder: For those new readers, here is a taste of what this movie will be like featuring star Luke Treadaway in You Instead, directed by David Mackenzie

While there has been a flurry of news regarding this and Perfect Sense of course, this article from efestivals caught my attention as it noted You Instead would be released in cinemas THIS MAY.

*I do not know how accurate that is, because the film is still being sold at major film markets (ie in Berlin, with screenings set for Feb. 10 and 13) Thus, it remains unclear if this will be an effort like with Donkeys in the UK or how wide an opening it will have. Updates to follow of course when possible. *

The article has some good bits about the film which was made in ground-breaking fashion over five days at the T in the Park festival last summer. Quotage:

Cast, crew and musicians will be in attendance at the world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival at Cineworld Glasgow. The film was shot guerrilla-style last summer and is billed as "a hilarious free-wheeling rock 'n' roll love story set against the raucous magnificence and unforgettable sounds of Scotland's leading music Festival."

You Instead features a charismatic performance from Luke Treadaway (Attack The Block, Clash Of The Titans) as strutting indie star Adam from The Make. Arriving at T in the Park for his gig, Adam is handcuffed to punky girl-band leader Morello from The Dirty Pinks (Natalia Tena – Harry Potter). Initial frustration gives way to grudging acceptance and then the stirring of genuine feelings over the next 24 hours of the festival. The impressive cast also includes Ruta Gedmintas (Lip Service), Sophie Wu (Kick Ass), Gavin Mitchell (Still Game) and Alastair Mackenzie (Perfect Sense).

Filming a romantic comedy at a music festival might seem a surprising career move for a director like David Mackenzie, who is known for films addressing dark subject matter and often intriguingly disturbed characters. But frustrated and restricted by making films in a more conventional manner, Mackenzie recognised that You Instead offered the incredible challenge of making a scripted feature film in a genuinely pioneering way.

Produced by Gillian Berrie of Sigma Films and written by Thomas Leveritt, the cast and crew of You Instead achieved in five days what would normally take at least five weeks. They lived and breathed the festival experience, camping onsite and filming in a live, unpredictable environment, at the mercy of the weather, 85,000 extras, live musical performances and unforeseen unknowns.

The finished film fully encapsulates the thrilling passion and energy of a weekend shared by thousands of people in a field celebrating music, friendship and good times.

GFF Co-Director Allison Gardner said, "We are so proud that David Mackenzie and Sigma Films have chosen to give You Instead a big home town world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival. The Festival's aim has always been to bring the best of international cinema to a Glasgow audience but also to bring the very best of Scottish cinema to the eyes of the world. You Instead is the perfect choice and the world premiere on a massive screen at Cineworld will be one of the truly memorable highlights of the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival."

Paul Sweeney, Film Buyer at Cineworld Cinemas added, "I am delighted to once again be working with Sigma films on this fantastic film, holding the World Premiere as part of the Glasgow Film Festival is very exciting."

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