Monday, January 17, 2011

Eilidh Brown Charity Concert Raises £15,000

Previously we learned of a lovely young woman named Eilidh Brown, and a charity appeal held in her honor to raise money for those families affect by cancer. Actor Jamie Sives holds this charity dear to his heart, and as we also hold Jamie dear, many of us were delighted to learn there was to be a concert held to raise funds for the appeal where Jamie was to make his public singing debut, which was also to feature a number of appearances and songs from several celebrities including Jon Fratelli and Scotland's own Billy Boyd and his band Beecake. Despite the multiple attempts by many of us to hear detailed news, photos and videos of the event held over the weekend that have thus far been disappointing, thanks go to the folks at Daily Record, we have now learned that the sold-out event raised about £15,000-fantastic news indeed! :))) Fingers crossed we might still yet get to see some photos/videos from the event!!

Eilidh's dad, the actor Gordon Brown, is quoted as saying: "It's taken seven months to put this together and it's great seeing it coming to fruition. The support's been amazing. "The first question Eilidh would have asked is, 'Why are they doing this for me?' She was a very modest girl."

On their official fb, organizers for the appeal posted:

Eilidh's concert was fantastic! It was a wonderful night where those who love and knew Eilidh worked hard to make it a big success. Thank you to all came to the concert to share this special night with the family and raise money for the respite home the memorial fund is looking to build.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Great news! What a great way to honor a lovely girl taken far too soon, so very cool and very beautiful!! This fantastic charity appeal of course does NOT end now, and if you can and are willing, be sure to check out and DONATE to the Eilidh Brown Memorial Appeal and the 500 heroes fundraiser. There's those sayings about it takes a village, and a home is made more of than just bricks-here's a way a whole GLOBAL VILLAGE can help build a home for those who are facing truly tough battles and need their dearest close to them-please consider helping.

Thanks again to Jamie for letting me know about this charity, and sending continuing good thoughts support and much love to those involved in such a wonderful effort! Peace and Love are always the answer.

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