Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamie Sives is a BBC Outcast

A followup today regarding Jamie Sives and his upcoming guest star turn on the new BBC series "Outcasts." This widely anticipated show is due to begin airing next week on BBC (Episode one Mon, 7 Feb followed the next night with episode two) As reported here previously, Jamie is due to guest on Episode 3 and while not yet confirmed, it is likely his episode will air the following week...which will make for a rather lovely late Valentines from Jamie :D :D
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Right, so today the BBC released EPISODE 3 DESCRIPTION including more involving the character of Leon, played by Jamie (who is described straight to me awesomely from the bbc as "brilliant" wooohooo I CAN'T WAIT)

Slight Spoiler warning...scroll down for more...

Reports predict that a super whiteout of unprecedented strength could hit Forthaven, as BBC One's blockbuster sci-fi series continues. Stella draws on Tipper's mathematical ability to predict exactly when the whiteout will strike and Tate begins to lock down Forthaven. Fleur, unaware of the whiteout threat, takes the AC baby back to Rudi.

Cass runs into an old flame, Trix, who is getting married the following day. Her fiancé, Leon, is sent out to secure the Earth Beacon before the storm breaks. Leon's workmate suffers an accident and gets stuck under a piece of falling metal. Leon is unwilling to leave him, despite the whiteout gaining in strength around them. Trix begs Cass to go out and find her fiancé and he agrees.

The whiteout hits and Tate and Stella fear for Cass's safety. Berger undermines Tate's authority by seizing the opportunity to speak directly to the people, against Tate's wishes. However, Tate realises it is safer to keep Berger on the inside of his government, rather than allowing him to build up a power base from the outside.

Stella Isen is played by Hermione Norris, Tipper Malone by Michael Legge, Richard Tate by Liam Cunningham, Fleur Morgan by Amy Manson, Rudi by Langley Kirkwood, Cass Cromwell by Daniel May, Trix by Fiona Button, Leon by Jamie Sives and Julius Berger by Eric Mabius.

Will update with confirmed airtimes, and FINGERS CROSSED for a promo pic too of Jamie!! Cheers and thanks to BBC!

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