Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: Jamie Sives Sings at Memorial Concert for Eilidh Brown

UPDATE: Via the Eilidh Appeal Facebook page, this is their photo of Jamie singing at the concert, wonderful! THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!

Check it out! The first public performance by actor Jamie Sives, playing the guitar and singing with John Mercer at the memorial concert for Eilidh Brown. SOOOOO GOOOD! In the first video Jamie sings Lyle Lovett and in the second Jamie plays and sings solo In My Life by John Lennon, beautiful!GREAT JOB!!! I know that had to be a bit scary, but it was so lovely and your heart showed, so glad you put that up for us to see THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU JAMIE!

[John Mercer performs with Jamie on the Conegatherers CD]

Photos from the concert held last weekend in Stirling at the Macrobert Centre are now online at the official Eilidh Brown Appeal Facebook here. As readers will recall, this concert was held in memorial for a lovely young woman named Eilidh Brown who passed away from cancer last year. A fundraising appeal is ongoing in her memory in efforts to combat this disease and to help families who are facing this battle together. The 500 Heros appeal is now underway turning your donation into concrete physical help and part of a new home in Stirling where families can stay as they face the battle together. To learn more about this excellent appeal, please click here. Also, be sure to check out this new article from the Stirling Observer that contains a great quote from Gordon Brown, and Jamie's co-star in Valhalla Rising, who spoke of the beautiful event held in memory of his daughter:

“I was worried at first about selling the tickets for £25 each.“I thought it would be too much but since the gig I’ve been stopped left and right by people saying they would happily have paid twice that for the night, which is great.”

Eilidh Brown died of cancer aged 15 last year and a memorial fund was set up by her aunt, ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘Wire in the Blood’ actress Simone Lahbib. The family are hoping to raise enough money to build a home in the Stirling area that can be used for respite by young cancer sufferers and their families.

“This is only the start,” said Gordon. “It wasn’t at first – we had no idea how successful the concert would be, or not – but now I really see it as the launch pad.“There were 470 people in the audience and now, hopefully, they will go on and raise more money and spread the word.”“Around 70 people signed up to 500 Heroes on the night, which is a great start,” said Gordon. “We just need Stirling to get behind this and see how far we can go from here.”

Thanks so much to Jamie and Ross for uploading the video!


  1. Thanks for making the videos available Jamie to us wee fans on the other side of the world. Would have loved to be there to support you and the charity in person. You done well!

    I did manage to make a donation to the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund last week. I'm so glad to hear they raised a good amount through the concert. I hope they continue to do so as the benefits to their community will be boundless in the future.

    Music is good for the soul and this looked it was a great celebration of a life.

    Amidst all the weather chaos and watching the flooding crisis in Queensland, parts of New South Wales and now Victoria, times for me were good in having so much fun with Jack!

    As you know Sue, I am still reeling and numb from the sudden shock death of one of Australia's best musicians, and one of my all time favourites, Steve Prestwich from a brain tumour. So now that terrible C word has claimed another soul way too early. I was lucky enough to meet Steve a couple of times throughout various stages of my life (first time in my mis-spent musical teenager years), and while I did not know him personally, it is like losing one of the family. You invite them into your home through their music, they are with you through the good times and they are there for you in bad times. They are just always there, for you, in music! Steve wasn't just a drummer, he became an accomplished song writer (he wrote 3 of Cold Chisel's most enduring songs, one of which was even covered by Uriah Heep - When The War Is Over), guitarist, solo artist (the beautiful Every Highway, 2009) and an amazing photographer. 2011 was supposed to be a big year again for Steve and Cold Chisel, going back into the studio for another album after putting down some demos last year, and a possible tour to follow. Something the band and we, the fans, were all looking forward to. Where to from here, no one knows. I'm just shattered. We do have a great legacy in Steve's music left for us to continue to listen, but it was the brilliant music he was still yet to record and further write that we have now been deprived of. He was truly one of the special ones who had so much to give the rest of us with his talent. :( /blubbering.

    Please keep writing your music Jamie.

    Thank you for giving me a little brightness at the end of a very dark week.

    Thanks Sue for the update.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    (going back to listening to my iPod/watching DVD's of Steve in action)

  2. Aw Ollie :(

    Thanks for writing more about your experiences and thoughts about Steve and Cold Chisel. Wish I had more and the right things to say to help lift your spirits, but am so very glad Jamie's music helped. Jamie is so wonderful and he doesnt even realise how much what he does can make a difference-tried telling him that but Im sure he thinks Ive lost my mind or some sort of freak or loser or something, but whatever Im so so grateful he and his family friends put those videos up, thrilled to pieces (and already on my ipod too! :))

    Completely agree, it was really fantastic to hear about all the money raised, and dearly hope they will meet their goal in not only in bricks but in making a difference to those who are suffering, and giving light when there is so much darkness these days.

    Thanks again for stopping by and for the comment! Talk soon!