Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Look: Extras from Eagle of the Ninth (Updated)

As noted before, filming is well underway now in Scotland for Kevin MacDonald's "The Eagle of the Ninth" starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. We now have our first look of the Pics and warriors played by extras which had been cast recently for the film. Taken on location waiting for filming to start, this is a fierce lot indeed (even with the headphones lol LOVE IT) all sporting their shaved heads and costumes made of "sackcloth, fur and leather." As noted here several times previously, location filming is due in the Achiltibuie region, with some of the locations to include Achilitbuie, Glen Sloy, and Fox Point. UPDATE: Thanks ever so much to Toby again, who updated his blog-CHECK IT OUT HERE- with more photos and a bit more on the filming progress, including overcoming horrible weather and all. He writes too on the stars of the film: "They've kept at it though and I was impressed at the professionalism of the crew and the fact that everyone seemed willing to muck in and help when things got tough. The stars of the film (Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell) had no airs and graces about them and were more than happy to mingle with the extras - they also signed my daughter's book so she went home very happy!"

Production on this new movie is based out Film City Glasgow (home to Sigma films :) Thanks so much to Toby for this photo (please note that is his photo and all credit rights belong to him; more including his beautiful daughter who is an extra can be found here)


  1. Couple more photos on the blog too if you're interested. :o)

    I was just chaperoning and I'm utterly shattered, God knows how the extras must be feeling!



  2. i was one of the seal warrior extras did four days. was cold but fun. channing and jamie happy to chat to you. best fun had in a while.

  3. Hi Richard!
    How cool, good on you for this! It did look cold up there but well worth it to have a part in a huge film like this is shaping up to be-very cool :) Hope you get to do more on the movie, and please if you fancy it, feel free to send in any pics or reports-we'd love to hear more! Thanks much for stopping by and best with (hopefully more) movie career :)