Monday, October 12, 2009

New Video: Ewan McGregor, Eva Green Close Up Filming a Scene from "The Last Word"

UPDATE: Just been told they are filming all week (until the 16th) on Hyndland Street (pic here on flickr) & Rd as well as Lawrence St & Caird

Well I have a feeling this wont last long, so go quick! Three very very brief clips (rehearsals here and here, with the scene below) of Ewan McGregor and Eva Green filming a scene near Kelvingrove Park from David Mackenzie's The Last Word. As seen below, you can see the crew from Sigma, then the camera pans over as Ewan leaps out of the green car (sporting that mask) yanks his bike out the back and Eva out of the car slams door shut, then they walk into some sort of building NO DIALOGUE is heard, but still very thrilling. Each clip is very very short, but still WOOT thank you Claire!

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