Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Minor Note in the Song of Eagle

While others have been very kind for coming by, I should note that blogging about Eagle of the Ninth is not my priority, and although I remain fully supportive, interested and greatly looking forward to eagle (based out of Film City Glasgow, and starring Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum) Im really not going to be keeping up with it as much as others are doing and perhaps would like I do, sorry!!!!!! Ps. NO I dont know the name of the hotel where they were checking in at (see the Just Jared pics) I suspect NOT Glasgow but did enjoy the photo of the worker in the kilt. The world needs more men in kilts.

As noted before, crews are already long in Scotland and will be until the end of November, filming on various locations in the highlands (here is my earlier post on that). Yesterday, hundreds of movie sites such as comingsoon carried the news that actor Tahar Rahim has joined the cast. Its a great cast with a great ffng director; he really is. There are also quite a few very cool extras, such as Toby and Richard who have both been kind enough to stop by with news and comments. Ted over at all things foe also has another on site report from an extra, and pics of PICTS can be found at Facebook. I also strongly encourage you to follow the channgingtatumunwrapped blog and their twitter for more that i can or will be posting here. sorry

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