Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Post: JAMIE SIVES Attends "Triage" Screening at Rome Film Festival

ALL CAP HAPPINESS! JAMIE SIVES attended the screening of TRIAGE at the Rome Film Festival PICTURES PICTURE PICTURES AT LAST. thank you Jamie, thank you to the fan girl gods above for these ;)

GORGEOUS, LONG HAIR OMG Must. breathe. ;0
JAMIE I LOVE YOU. Thanks so much Olliexxxxx

ALSO VIDEO at Official site
shows Jamie being introduced to the screening
and gets a warm round of applause YAYAY
UPDATE: Video is on Youtube
w/Triage starting1:22 and Jamie Intro 1:29 ish :)A second video is online HERE showing Jamie walking in at 1:08 & 3rd video Style italy w/more walking yay lol :))


  1. OMG! what a nice surprise when I arrived home, thank you very much for this!! Jamie is amazing there, after not seeing him at the Venice and Toronto festivals, here is our reward :)

    This gives me a little hope that he would come to the festival here :) I'll keep dreaming

    again, thank you!


  2. Keep dreaming and believing Luna! Anything is possible ANYTHING!

    Never ever ever did I think I would be doing this blog, that the great people of Sigma would know of it let alone think its cool, answer questions and then send me that photo up above. Never ever ever did I let myself think that some one like me just a wee fan would get to talk to Jamie AND I DID!!!! I got to interview him. Someday I hope to get to meet him in person.... and right now that thought causes me panic and just makes my heart pound like mad lolol, but in the meantime you have to have hope :) Maybe no he wont come to that festival true true, but still...someday you too might get to see him somewhere or something you just never know!

    Those beautiful curls omg *sigh*
    Ok I'll behave but he so so ... YAY Welcome Luna, glad you are here! :)

  3. OMG!!! *Swoon, swoon, swoon, THUD, THUD, THUD!!!!!* *drools* ;-)

    Thanks so much Sue for finding non watermarked images and the vid.

    Can't believe I stumbled across a couple of pics of this when I got home last night. I must be psycho, er um psychic or something! LOL. Knew there was a reason why I left my pc on before I went out.

    Ditto to what Sue said about Jamie in the blog!
    Love the curly hair. *THUD*

    You lot will have a better chance of one day meeting Jamie than I being stuck down here at the arse end.... I can still dream and hope though, but tis unlikely.

    Thanks again Sue for doing this wonderful blog on Jamie, and to Jamie for going to a red carpet event! *Squeee!!!!*