Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big News from Inverness Film Festival: Valhalla Rising Scottish Premiere, One Night in Emergency to Screen at Event!!

Calling all Jamie Sives fans (and heads up Kevin McKidd fans too!) Big news today from the beautiful city of Inverness and the Inverness Film Festival at Eden court which runs November 11-15th

First: The highlands of Scotland will see a return visit of sorts as Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising will have their Scottish premiere when it screens at the film festival as the Gala Closing event on Sunday, November 15th! While we were all very disappointed in the low key event for the film at London FF, here's hoping many of the Scottish cast (Gary Lewis!) and crew can make it to Inverness..esp you Mr. Jamie Sives! We sorely missed seeing you at LFF :(

Its double the Jamie goodness tho for those who can attend because GREAT NEWS ...Gregory Burke's ONE NIGHT IN EMERGENCY with Kevin McKidd and Jamie Sives (Ewan Bremner, James Cosmo, Gary Lewis more) will screen Friday, November 13!!
Lolz to the date... friday the13th, spooky ghosty adventure showing then get it?
hahaah ok sorry

Finally, director Richard Jobson (New Town Killers) will be holding a MASTER CLASS on Thursday, November 12th at 9. Featuring on the role of the Director, RJ will be giving tips on something I totally fail at lol, Final Cut Pro and after effects. Plus there will be a screening of his documentary with the truly amazing Emma Thompson , which is called The Journey. This features on the terrible terrible human trafficking crisis, and will focus on the journey and plight of one woman.

You can read the whole lineup at this link. Enjoy and for those who are lucky enough to attend, please send in any reports/pics, we would love to see them please! :)


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