Monday, October 19, 2009

Updated: Small but Nicer quality Jamie Sives Triage Trailer Screencaps

A higher- quality- but -with -Italian -overdubs -edition of the new trailer for Triage is NOW ONLINE AT YOUTUBE. While its in Italian, its much nicer than the trailer I first told everyone about (and is now making the rounds-keep on spreading that word, go Jamie, Go Colin Go!) Fingers crossed we will get the HD English version soon too lol :) Now updated too, I have a few screengrabs of Jamie Sives from the trailer up on my flickr.


  1. Thank you so much this picture :) Jamie looks amazing. I want to see this movie soon! hehe

    How was your weekend? mine was full of Jamie related stuff hehe his music (by the way I'd love to listen to the rest of the cd, what I've heard it's a bit unusual, it's cool:) movies, interviews... Thanks for the one you did, lucky girl :)


  2. Hi Luna!
    I hope you like the pics; am trying to find a proper high res one-fingers crossed soon!

    I quite agree about his music, The Conegatherers. The ones Jamie has on his myspace are good, but personally the one I like the most isnt up there yet (I know I suck for not revealing it but I absolutely promised Jamie I would not, besides its totally not up to me do so-but its so worth hearing more hopefully soon!)

    As for me had reality check that was...not fun, on top of all else I got going on so I flounder at the moment but keeping focused on the good-like these photos and good news for Sigma :) Thanks again for stopping by; hope things are good for you this week!


  3. Thanks for the screen grabs Sue!
    Much appreciated.

    Yeah, I want to hear more of Jamie's music too!

    Thanks again Sue and big hugs to you always and especially at the moment ;-)


    P.S My vid is up on my page if you want to have a look at it!

  4. Don't worry about the cd, I understand completely, I wouldn't break a promise to Jamie eather :)

    I hope things get better to you, whatever you're going through now.

    Take care!