Monday, October 5, 2009

First Video: Ewan McGregor Films a Scene for David Mackenzie's "The Last Word"

Check it out! Video of yesterday's massive filming on the streets of Glasgow for David Mackenzie's The Last Word. In the video below, we can see star EWAN MCGREGOR filming a scene with his bike. You can see him do several turns with the bike, the PA comes out and gets the extras going-walking about, then at the end you can clearly see director David Mackenzie walk out from behind the monitor, walk along with Ewan then stop to talk to a shop keeper extra as they prepare to do another take GREAT STUFF I LOVE MOVIE MAKING! Also, be sure to check out the second video below which shows the prep work/rehearsal. Thanks ever so much to NEURO for the videos! ALSO: For those who are asking, rest assured EVA GREEN is still in Glasgow filming :) Can't wait for this film!


  1. I feel positively dizzy - no - not with excitement - from the swaying bird's eye view . . . . eeee - and I was laughing at us, Sue, taking such great delight in a glimpse of ant's scuttering along the pavement - just because they are reported to be linked to a certain film . . . !

  2. LOL I know it seems daft to some, but thrilled just to be able to see anything from the making of this movie. Press coverage of the film scene in Scotland as a whole is abysmal IMO, and something like this is so rare, but then perhaps Im just a spoiled American, dunno.

    Anyway it was dizzying to watch but was grateful to be seeing it...and not a skimpily clad girl in hot pants teetering about on high heels or suspenders ahoy! Ashton leaping over a car in sight either wheee! hahahah Lol ok I'll be good :))