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Updated: Interview with Des Hamilton and Casting "The Eagle of the Ninth"

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, wife of Channing who tweeted
"Im with Chan as he is filming on top of a mountain in Scotland,20 min muddy hike to get to set,it's freezing and raining..this is true love!"

UPDATE: via the Inverness Courier there is more from Des and on the casting of extras for Eagle who were not at all afraid to have their head shaved for the roles which are being filmed this weekend and beyond in the Highlands of Scotland. Quotage:

"Former Millburn Academy pupil Kevin MacRae (26) was also hoping to be signed up. "I have never done this before," admitted Mr MacRae, of Uist Road, Inverness."I have just got back from Australia, having been away travelling for a year. Unfortunately, there is no work here at the moment and this would be the first chance to do something."So how would he feel about having his head shaved? "No problem," he replied. "I usually have it shaved anyway."Losing his locks was also not a problem for Christie Berg, who not only has a long pony tail but also a beard. "It would not bother me," said Mr Berg, of Carnac Crescent. "I would be prepared to cut it off."Painter and decorator Peter Boyle and his pal, concreter Daniel Craig, both aged 39, were sporting kilts in a bid to be noticed. "We wanted to show them we were prepared to get dressed up for our Scottish heritage," said Mr Boyle, who travelled up from Glasgow to audition."We stayed overnight in a camper van. Inverness is a wonderful place — everyone is really friendly and there is such beautiful countryside round about."

With location filming underway in earnest this week in Scotland for Kevin MacDonald's "The Eagle of the Ninth," there is a new audio interview with casting director (and longtime friend of Sigma Films) Des Hamilton (his pic on the side) on his work for the new movie. Extras continue to be cast (YES PARTS ARE STILL OPEN! GO FOR IT!), and in this audio interview available here via the BBC, we learn yesterday that indeed the 20-40 year old men who are willing to have their head shaved are being cast as "ferral' men, Pics celts that lived north of Hadrians wall. Press and Journal comes through again too with an article on the open casting taking place, as another event was held yesterday. Quotage:

"Some arrived at the four-hour casting session at the Spectrum Centre in Inverness with freshly shaved heads, while others sported impressive beards and donned kilts to prove their credentials as fearsome fighting foes. Des Hamilton, the casting director, said he was looking for 12 to 24 individuals who will take part in filming at Achiltibuie on the Coigach peninsula this weekend.

Asked if the auditions could unearth the next Brad Pitt or George Clooney, Mr Hamilton said: “It might be a little far-fetched, but if someone steps forward and pursues their ambitions, then who knows? Scotland has always been a talented country in the arts.”

Paul Duncan, 33, of Blackthorn Road, Culloden, said: “I’ve done this sort of thing once before and enjoyed it.“I’ve already got a shaved head and it’s something different.”Eagle of the Ninth is set in Roman Britain and charts the journey of a Roman officer along Hadrian’s Wall into Scotland to recover a lost Roman legion. The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald, whose previous films include The Last King of Scotland and Touching the Void.Men who auditioned for roles will be told if they have been successful today."

A tabloid claimed there is a scene due to be filmed today, with an extra on IMDB who wrote: Have got confirmation that extras are required for this movie. The company involved are UniversalExtrasLtd. Filming will take place on Saturday 10th October 2009 around Inverness area. £85 per day. Email to

A reminder of course that Jamie Bell (HALLAM FOE) and Channing Tatum star in Eagle, which will be based out of Film City Glasgow in the coming weeks thru the end of production next month.

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