Friday, October 30, 2009

One Night in Emergency to air in Scotland before Christmas

A quick followup on a few things. First, as noted when we first saw the BBC release on One Night in Emergency, it indicated the program was to air 'later in the fall.' Thanks much to the good folks at Kevin McKidd Online for steering me to this article on Silver River productions (team behind ONIE) which reads:

Silver River’s first drama, One Night In Emergency, goes out on BBC Scotland before Christmas and has been lined up for a network slot next year. The 60-minute drama is a modern interpretation of Homer’s The Odyssey set within a hospital and has a twist “like The Sixth Sense”. It stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd and Michelle Ryan.

Tickets are available for the screening of ONIE at the Inverness Film Festival in a few weeks (Nov. 13) at this link. No word if Jamie or how many of cast and crew will be there for this. Hopefully some kind soul will send in or release photos /report from the event!

Hope does remain there will be a good showing of cast/crew for the Scottish premiere of Valhalla Rising at the same film festival as noted below, it will be the closing gala event on the 15th. Ticket info here ALONG WITH WALLPAPER for the event here smaller/larger


  1. Hey Susan there has been a reshedule for O N I E at the IFF

    its going to be on the 14th Nov at 10:00 am


  2. Hi KMK (L)

    Thanks very much for the heads up on this-Ive not been keeping close tabs lately and I really appreciate you thinking of me and letting us know about the change, truly appreciated.
    Hope we get some good new still on Saturday (or pics or something for sure about ONIE!)
    Thanks again,

  3. Only a pleasure ;-)

    Oh yes Im holding thumbs for some good stills or reviews from the screening

    Ill shout if I find anything
    chat soon

  4. ONIE in trailer


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