Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Photo of Alastair Mackenzie in "The Priory; " Press Night Tomorrow

Some good news and a quick reminder regarding Sigma's own Alastair Mackenzie who is appearing at the Royal Court Theatre in the production of "The Priory" Tomorrow night (November 26) is press night, so fingers crossed for great news/photos/reviews/ interviews in the days to come.

Speaking of photos, you can see new stills of the cast on the FBpage for The Priory including this ---> new photo of Al (who plays Ben, lover of Apple and iPhone lol) Their Twitter/Facebook page promises new production stills due up here soon, will update once those larger pics are released. UPDATE: Here they come, haha! LOOK AT AL in the military jacket & woo! snogging ;D
because Im a dork
LOOK AT THE deer/buck pillow...Monarch of the Glen anyone ;) heee,uh sorry couldnt resist.
UPDATE: REX FEATURES has many ESPECIALLY OF AL (looks sooo good) more at this link. I dont have account there; am hoping to find these in larger size, sorry. Will update with more when I can.

In a recent interview with the Times, Al's co-star Charlotte Riley sets the scene for her character Laura, and Al's Ben in the play:
Laura arrives at a fraught college reunion on the arm of one of her troubled former classmates, Ben. They met at a party the night before and have decided to get married. “They’re just gone,” she smiles. “Proper in love. Like when you meet someone and you just know. Then, as the evening goes on, things unfold; you see her veneer change and things start to crumble underneath.” Laura, it transpires, is a woman with an eating disorder and borderline alcoholis"m.
Just because, watch the trailer again because we need more Al in the world (actually the whole thing looks very funny)
IF ANYONE IS ATTENDING and you fancy, please send in or leave a comment with thoughts reactions reviews photos links etc, all are always welcomed and most appreciated!


  1. A mutual bogliefriend of us went to watch the play, and enjoyed it very much. She also met Alastair afterwards. I got the best Christmas present in my mail this Monday: A program signed especially to me :).

    Merry Christmas!


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