Monday, November 23, 2009

International Poster for James Nesbitt "OutCast"; Update on Kate Dickie

Check it out! Thanks so much to Bankside, we now have a gorgeous high quality edition of the brand new International poster for Colm McCarthy's Outcast, starring James Nesbitt and Kate Dickie. This is the second poster released, and you can also see a larger photo of a menacing James wielding a knife here, altho a slightly different version of it has been of course seen here before and has been on the Irish filmboard website and twitter.
Just as well document in Scotland, Irish film is good for the economy, as "ALMOST ONE fifth of tourists who visited Ireland in 2008 cited film as a reason for coming here, resulting in a tourist expenditure of €369 million, according to a new report on the Irish audiovisual industry,"with both Outcast, Triage and others surely playing a part Again it belies credibility that the film industry in both countries are facing significant funding cuts from the government in face of such clear proof of success and demonstration of a clear need for continued substantive support , but there you go.

On a happier related note, there are recent photos of the great Kate Dickie (Red Road, sigma's upcoming Donkeys) who was also at the Seville film festival with her movie "Wasted". Kate also has been super busy, and was also featured on the finale of "Garrow's Law" for those who were lucky enough to see it on BBC 1.

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  1. I hope Donkeys gets released at some point this century. After Red Road did so well you would think they would get this film out. No news, photos, trailers nothing. It was meant to be 2008 then 2009 and hopefully 2010 we may see it.