Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Donkeys" to Screen at Press Play Festival, Plus Two Interviews with Morag McKinnon

As Sigma is in full press hometown pre-release mode before the special screening of Donkeys at the Glasgow Film Theatre next month, more and more venues and opportunities for fans to see the film are being revealed. One such venue will be during the Press Play Festival at the Tyneside Cinema, Monday, September 27.

There will be a major list of dates and places to see the second installment of the Advance Party film as it will screen all around Scotland. In addition to above and the opening for one week starting October 8 at the GFT, Filmhouse Edinburgh has announced Donkeys will be screening November 1-4, with the 1st to include a special q & a with director Morag Mckinnon. An entire list of showings for Donkeys will be available soon and posted on the Official Sigma Films Facebook page SEE THE SIGMA FACEBOOK PAGE UPDATE HERE ON THIS BLOG TOO----------> stay tuned! For those of us unable to make any of these events, you might enjoy two excellent audio/video interviews with the director. One is an indepth, wonderful lengthy audio podcast with Screen Shrapnel which you can listen to at this link. The other is a very brief video interview conducted when the film debuted at the Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this summer (starts at around the :45 mark).

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