Thursday, September 9, 2010

Straight into Fall with a Hometown Opening for Sigma's "Donkeys"

Hometown pride time for the folks behind "Donkeys," the latest movie from Sigma Films and the second installment in the Advance Party series as there is word it will be opening next month in theatres, right where it began: Glasgow, Scotland. Set to open the first week of October (Oct 8th) at the Glasgow Film Theatre, fans will be able to watch this film right where it was made. More information this and future screenings (and yes there are big plans afoot oho! stay tuned! :) Directed by Morag McKinnon, Donkeys stars James Cosmo (in a widely praised performance), Brian Pettifer, Kate Dickie, Martin Compston and more as they reprise their roles of sort as seen in the award- winning Red Road. For those of you on Facebook (and you don't need an account to see the page, but do need an account to comment or 'like' it etc) be sure to check out the Sigma page right here.

Finally, as many will already have seen, in a fairly bold and cool move, you can see the Sigma films official Twitter or follow (as many of you already do) follow Colin Kennedy on his Twitter for the script of Donkeys (yes really, line one is out already reading [SPOILER ALERT, scroll down]

" INT AIRPORT: ALFRED: Just you sit still and get acclimatized. We’ll come here every week if necessary. Honest - there’s no safer way to die."

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