Monday, August 23, 2010

Composer Max Richter on David Mackenzie's "Perfect Sense" film

As some of you have emailed, yes news here regarding Sigma has fallen upon some unforseen turns sorry :( and now slow times. As such, thought it might be of interest to point out an older yet interesting interview with musician Max Richter on the score and theme he wrote for David Mackenzie's upcoming "Perfect Sense" (formerly "Last Word."). While those at Sigma are hard at work preparing for a hopefully soon release-Colin has been hard at work making the poster- Max Richter has granted several interviews of late (one appearing in Clash magazine this month), and it is in this piece on Tracks & Fields where the composer gives us a tidbit on what we can expect. Quotage:

M: I’m just finishing a film for David Mackenzie which has been a really nice collaboration. We’ve been shuffling it around for the past few months, and having the chance to think about the material a bit more deeply has been great. It’s a string score with a lot of grit and electronics all over it. The film is pretty heavy duty – it’s basically about the end of the world.

Click here for more wonderful music at the Max Richter official Myspace.

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  1. I hope Perfect Sense´ll be released in UK till the end of 2010?! Don´t you know about its releasing in other European countries like Germany or Czech Republic? Thank you for answer!