Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jamie Sives: Confirmed for BBC "Outcasts," Filming Game of Thrones Until October

Some fantastic news today as a followup to the post below regarding Scottish actor Jamie Sives. Straight from the man himself, here's the latest!

GAME OF THRONES: Jamie will be filming his role as Jory Cassell until the end of October this year, and is enjoying his time there. Wish had more to pass on but he's really quite the busy fellow at the moment. Still fantastic news indeed. :) Game of Thrones from HBO is set to debut (at last word) Spring of 2011. Be sure to check out Winter is Coming and Westeros and the author George R.R. Martin's official blog for more!

"Outcasts": the new drama series for the BBC. Jamie is definitely confirmed for a guest role in one episode out of the eight; part of the new sci-fi series starring Jamie Bamber. According to the various press releases, the series is due to air in the UK later this fall, and will be airing on BBC America as well "late 2010"
[OLLIE!!! I know!!!, I sent out a few emails straight away to confirm, thought of you immediately, soooo exciting (btw owe you proper mail, will send it soon!) xxxxx]

ONE DAY: Jamie has completed filming his role as the Beard :D :D :D aka Mr. Godalming in Lone Scherfig's adapation of "One Day" with Anne Hathaway. This film is due in theatres next year. Be sure to buy the book by David Nicholls, its pretty good for a summer read I thought!

DVD Updates: Clash of Titans, Triage, It's a Wonderful Afterlife all out NOW. I'm a bit stressed as the copy of Triage I ordered hasnt arrived yet-hence the lack of reports/screencaps of the extras gah horrible :((((, but it is available. On the other hand the Its a Wonderful Afterlife DVD arrived aok, and you can also SEE A NEW CLIP OF JAMIE SIVES AND MARK ADDY from IAWL (also co-starring in Game of Thrones together ) below. lol Yay! (I also enjoyed the scene of Detective Jamie sneaking about in the rain lol)

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  1. Thanks to Jamie for the update on what you're up to!!!

    Squeeee!!! Sue, thanks for confirming Jamie appearing in Outcasts. I just hope the two Jamie's actually get a scene together this time. I can't even remember now if Jamie B appeared in the episode of Ultimate Force that Jamie was in.

    The thought of my two favourite actors being on screen together.... *drools in anticipation* !!! *thud*

    There have been some official photos released of Outcasts, but they only feature the main cast at this point. I will keep my eyes peeled for any more now! ;-D

    Still waiting for emails Sue! LOL Please do write soon.
    Things are much brighter this end.

    Thanks as always, Sue, for your blog on Jamie.