Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Entry on a Batch of New Photos of Jamie Sives and Im near death

It's August. Its hot here. Do write about where things are hot elsewhere? ie JAMIE SIVES!!!
Oh yes, I went there...
Worse...How about his attempt to slay me by the form of even more GORGEOUS NEW PHOTOS of Jamie Sives. Curse you but I ADORE YOU JAMIE, THANK YOU SO MUCH for these news pics! *going to flush head over sheer painful silliness of this entry, but still, I adore him so much, it kills me thrills me with all the new wonderful to behold :)*
K, Im done ENJOY new pics on IMDB (including one of Jamie with his good mate Benedict Cumberbatch while filming To the Ends of the Earth, and who was most excellent in the new bbc sleuth series!)


  1. Oh..... He is so gorgeous and sexy with his sad and beautiful eyes!!!!

    Love you so much!!!!

  2. Gah!!! *Thud*

    Ditto to the above!

    Thanks for the new pics Jamie! :)

    Thanks Sue for bringing them to our attention.

    Jamie is in Outcasts?!?!?!
    It's not listed on his page, but that means Jamie worked with that other Jamie, again!!! ;-)


  3. Very beautiful and interesting pics.

    Jamie such funny in boots on filming "The Passion"...

    In a word the handsome man....

    P.S. Is he married or single (he has a girlfriend?)?