Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colin Kennedy's "I Love Luci" Not Short on Continuing Success!

Sigma's own Colin Kennedy continues to have luck with I Love Luci, as the film has done well at some recent film festivals. Luci took second at the Rushes Soho Shorts festival in London last week (article on the winners here). Congratulations Colin, Brian and all! :)

Also, with the Motovun Film Festival now concluded, they are taking it on a brief tour in the Balkans, with Luci to screen as part of the 'Best of the Fest' collection. No word on how Luci did at the regular festival as of yet, but if you follow Colin on Twitter or read the official FB page, we know much fun was had at the festival with Luci recently.

Sidenote: Colin's work as an artist, this time visual was mentioned as his artwork for the "Donkeys" film poster from Sigma, was included as one of the Top 5 movie posters over at Central Station-article here; more from Colin, here.

Finally, because I got sidetracked with my family issues and missed some important things, I want to point out this FANTASTIC black and white portrait taken of Colin last year by One day alive. Colin is a very handsome guy it goes without saying, but there is something really striking about the expression on his face in this photo of the man, the filmmaker, the artist in a manner that makes me ponder-what is he thinking? what is going on here- a moment of reflection, triumph, frustration. Hard to read yet very interesting (or at least to me) I also really appreciate the subtle contrasts in this photo, one sleve up one down, the degrees of dark and light; very cool.

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