Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Hallam Foe" Hits the Digital Highway

In what could be a bit of a breakthrough for those of us who are a bit more hip on the high tech end on viewing films, Independent Film sales are taking Hallam Foe and sending him along on the digital highway. Both Variety and ScreenDaily report that the film sales company, who are handling both Hallam Foe and AlastairMackenzie/Dougray Scott's "New Town Killers" have now launched a digital distribution division. Of interest to perhaps a wider base of people is the news that "at the moment, the company is working with third party online platforms, making deals with "the usual suspects" such as iTunes.

YES! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now while I still much rather prefer to first go see the film in a movie theater, then buy a DVD later, I also download huge amounts of my films and tv shows from iTunes that I like, and its gotten even better now that BBC America is finally starting to offer UK shows here in the States (BRING ON MONARCH OF THE GLEN PLEASE in addition to Showtime/HBO which is all I watch anymore aside from LOST but I digress)!

Now there is no guareentee of course that we will have access to the downloads in the US, but it is possible, as the company is looking to "increase the value of the company’s library through digital release platforms and devise digital distribution strategies to complement traditional releases." It'd be about stupid not to try and get that lucrative US market too, but heh that is often easier said than done of course. Regardless hope springs eternal, so heres to seeing MORE INDEPENDENT FILMS via these digital download platforms such as iTunes and Amazon and the such.

There is no word when this might go into effect, probably later this fall, but this is positive step in the right direction!

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  1. Hi Sue.
    1. Great HF news!
    2. I'm ALIVE :)
    3. Ted is giving JB's MySpace to everyone on IMDB. AGAIN.

    Seems everything is back to normal LOL
    I'm too weak to write or read a lot, I just wanted to say HELLO MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!