Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Poster from Ashton Kutcher/David Mackenzie's "Spread" and Other Sundry Items

Tis a bright and sunny day, so time for a sundry of sunny stray thoughts (sorta mostly) relating to Sigma films.... err yea ok that sucked, but I couldn't think of anything witty to start this post :P

1) Variety reports that Delanic now has the UK/Ireland rights to David Mackenzie's upcoming film "Spread" starring Ashton Kutcher. According to the short article, the film is in post production (which we already knew), but also says "should be released in spring 2009."

ALSO NOTE: Is this the first poster /official image from Spread?? I saw this on the Delanic site- bring it all on!
On the distributor's website, they describe the film as follows: "A good-looking and charming gigolo preys on older women's affections to live the high life. Things change when he finds himself falling for a girl his own age who he may have more in common with than he bargains for." Director: David Mackenzie Writer: Jason Dean Hall
Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche, Margarita Levieva, Laura Linney
RELEASE DATE: Spring 2009

HUZZAH FOR THAT! I'm certain we will see the omnipresent Ashton Kutcher and this fim here in the US, with loads of TV interviews and more Please please please let David do one here too... better yet zomg have him come to the US for a premiere omg how awesome will that be?? I totally will be there, plus Id actually like to shake Ashton's hand (...well ok maybe kinda grin and swoon momentarily but Id do that waaay more over David), hes been pretty upfront and honest about his character in interviews earlier this year, lets hope he still does some great press next spring too. Anyway, this all totally bodes well for a better roll out here in the states for David than Mister (Hallam) Foe starring Jamie Bell..

speaking of which leads me to item 2)

AOL IS FUNNY HAHAH NOT SO MUCH, but this date is probably more accurate than anything weve seen so far
*gives bitter laugh, ends sarcasm, and sighs*
Speaking of the elusive Mister Foe, latest rumor on the imdb boards is that Netflix already has this in que for a DVD release date-in November of this year. $%#@$%^&@@@
Now true, those boards are often rife with bogus info, but for the sake of something for me to blather on about, let's say this is remotely true. We kinda figured/hoped it would be on DVD, but say just say those other purported release dates of late August/early September are accurate, does this mean they are not hoping for much box office time for our boy Hallam? le woe if this is true. Aww well on the sunny side, there will be a US DVD release at somepoint. PLEASE PUT ALL THOSE interviews and extras on the US DVD . Those interviews found on the German Dvd were awesome, why were they not on the UK one? Oh btw, I saw the film just screened at the Moscow Film Festival, but not sure if Helge was well enough to go see it-HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON my friend!

I am dread to mention this, for fear it will get swept away like the early photos and such, but as written on the Digital Guerillas website : "For the last 5 weeks we have been working on a behind the scenes documentary for the follow up to 'Red Road'. "Rounding Up Donkeys" was shot entirely in and around Glasgow. The documentary will be on the DVD when it's released and a small sample will be in our show reel section very soon."

Yay! Oh please let this go online soon! With all due respect, I understand fears and concerns on sheltering this movie till its ready, but there are loads of big film websites asking if this sequel to Red Road was even being made, and I surely want to help spread the word, so am crossing my fingers we will get to see something here soon. I really do believe there is an audience that will be eager to see the second Advance Party film, and if that earlier report is right and they are in fact trying to ready the movie for Berlin next year, then I am hopeful something , more concrete news will begin to filter out here soon!

4) I think that Andrea Arnold has begun filming in Kent for her next film "Fish Tank" not sure though-one report said June 23, another said July 28 eh-regardless I am going to continue to follow her work, as Red Road was an excellent piece of work and I look forward to her future productions!

Thats all for now, have a sunny sweet day y'all ! :)))
/lameo sign off from a dorkette


  1. It's true about what Netflix is claiming. Out of cynical curiosity I stuck it on my own netflix queue just to see what would happen. It says "Nov 08."

  2. Hi Anna,
    ALL CAP WONDERFUL NEWS! Lol Many thanks for this news, truly so! :)