Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wanna Be a Dead Viking?

Apologies for the sporadic postings of late, frankly the life has gotten a bit stupidly busy to be honest, and I can barely keep up with the various jobs, child, school, home, let alone find time to do a proper blog entry here. I feel like Im drowning and the worse part is that this is NOTHING compared to how busy I will be for teh next four weeks (including being on a panel at Comic Con!) Anyway, I really am very sorry for being behind on witnessed by the following, which took place earlier today and wont do anyone any good now *woe woe woe* soorrry!

As many many Mads Mikkelsen/Valhalla Rising fans probably got on those handy dandy google alerts 14 hours or so ago when it went out, there was a bit of casting news for the new film starring Mr. Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives (Sigma Films "Hallam Foe," Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself"). Highland News reports that doubles and extras are needed for the film which is currently on location in the Glen Affric area of Scotland.

It would seem there is a need for the body double of the young man they cast in the lead, as the paper reports that "Picture doubles" of 12 or 13 are needed to stand in for one of the main cast for around five weeks' filming.They should be between 12 and 13, ideally have light brown/blonde, chin-length hair and be 4'8." Other vital statistics include chest measurement 28, waist 26, inside leg 24 and shoe 5. They will be paid £50 per day.

If you've ever had the idea you'd made a good dead Viking, this would (have been) your chance, for the piece of second casting news reported involved a call for "15 male extras aged between 18 and late 20s are also needed for a day, possibly longer, if they are skinny – and ready to have their heads shaved if needed!The extras will be playing dead bodies "at various stages of decomposition" and will be covered in a lot of make-up and will be wearing rags

The shoot date is Friday, July 25, but the extras could be needed again in the following weeks. They will be paid £85 per day and £40 for costume/make-up fitting."

Excellent, well at least there is progress of a sort, with filming news and now we know next week, the Highlands of Scotland will be full of dead Vikings! LOL (no word if any ghosts or Nessie will make an appearance to help celebrate this historical event :P ;)))))

Valhalla Rising, which is using Film City Glasgow as their production offices, is set for release in April of 2009.

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