Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Smile! First On Set Photos of David Mackenzie's Spread with Ashton Kutcher Now Online

Welcome to the fishbowl world of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore as the first photos of filming for "Spread" surfaced online today. wow! The Gossip Girls.com and PacificCoastNews.online both have the first photos of "Spread" director David Mackenzie with his cool looking star Ashton Kutcher and his lovely wife Demi Moore at their trailer,as well as shots of Ashton (these from WENN) filming a scene driving an SUV. After a recasting of the female lead (now to be played by Anne Heche) this is the first or second week of filming for this new movie which I think is due out in 2009? Also of interest, The GossipGirl report says this is being filmed in the Los Feliz distric of Los Angeles, California which is described as "home to elite and wealthy residents of Los Angeles," so this would fit in with some of the plot regarding the wealthy homes or "spread" Ashtons character has (or resides in) I guess.
Anyway, I honestly haven't seen too many pap shots of David onset before (and NO this does not count the ones that Colin took and posted on GetYourPeople.com during the filming of "Hallam Foe") so I guess these tabloid type photos means my favorite Scottish director has received an official Hollywood welcome now LOLOL :)

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