Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mister Hallam Foe to Open in US May 23

What a great birthday present this is: The official Mister Foe website has now launched, stating the film will FINALLY BE RELEASED IN THEATERS IN THE US ON MAY 23!!!


The website is pretty sparse at the moment compared to the original HaveYouSeenHallamFoe website in terms of content, and only has a few photos up at this point, and no clips or excerpts from that awesome soundtrack. On the positive side, it has those floating white clouds with links to the GetYourPeople Hallam Foe blog (which hopefully others will find and read SIGMA Blog and Colin's I Love Luci *crosses fingers for wider audience!!!*)So May 23 is not so bad, a bit later than I thought, but at least its finally here!

The trailer for David Mackenzie's Mister Foe starring Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Claire Forlani, Ciaran Hinds, and Jamie Sives is also up on iTunes which may help a bit too I hope! Go Hallam Go!

With the recent rating of R for Mister Foe, and the movie officially premiering tomorrow (the 13) in Austin at the festival, I figured this would be happening soon, but wheeee! an unexpected bonus today for sure!loves and hugs to those that made it so ;)

PS: GO COLIN GO! for the big We Are the Physics shoot tomorrow too! The website, the official premiere of Mister Foe in the US, and the shoot = not unlucky 13th happenings at all!!!

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