Wednesday, March 19, 2008

David Mackenzie's "Spread" a "Dirty Little Movie" Says Ashton Kutcher

With a new film and tv series debut, the star of David Mackenzie's upcoming "Spread" film is making news yet again, this time with a provocative cover story of a men's magazine. Ashton Kutcher is the subject of profile in VMan magazine (which frankly I never heard of until now) where the handsome model turned actor turned producer is shown in a series of striking photos by leading fashion photographer Mario Testino. This photo collection is called "I'm not real" showcasing Ashton as some genetically perfect robotic man (including of course one that shows off his physique). The title on the cover though of course says "Ashton gets real" lol, and in the article, he does mention his new film that is currently in production in Los Angeles.

In the piece he describes Spread as a "dirty little movie” - as a way of apologizing to all the girls he hurt as a ’serial dater’. Apparently this film is his sort of penance for being a 'player' in the past, and he is hoping this will somehow make amends for the various women he went through before he married Demi Moore, as he noted "had a serial-dating period” where he was “was pretty abusive of my attributes. My fame and my looks,” he added. “I was pretty abusive to a lot of people.”

Ashton Kutcher goes on then to describe his role in Spread stating " he will be an Alfie-style swinging bachelor - and Ashton makes it clear the story is very close to home. "It’s about a guy who’s a dating machine - he sort of seduces women for financial gain without officially being a gigolo,” Ashton says. “It’s a pretty dirty little movie. It’s honest, and in this case that honesty is kid of brutal. This movie is kind of my way to say I’m sorry to a lot of girl I may have hurt by not being respectful.”

In the rest of the article he seems grateful for all he has achieved and has in his life, so I guess this is a good thing, perhaps a bit of clever PR work to counter his image which frankly has not been one where you associate quality actor to his name. It's another sign of our culture I guess, where once you achieve a level of fame (and in his case constant media scrutiny) you might feel compelled to make amends via a movie. It's also true the press has been well, unkind, in the past (prettyboy actor wannabe etc) so I give him credit for trying to change all that. I will say it does seem to me this story is not new in the slightest and rather common -not just Hollywood-there are player types everywhere! -but there are those say like say Colin Farell and Jeremy Piven who still unfortunately have this icky user player stigma/label still attached to them that heh not sure if any sort mea culpa film will ever counter. These guys are doing solid good work acting wise, but more often than not you hear more about their social conquests than their actual films and tv series. meh. Whatever. I am most certainly NOT making any judgment on a person's past because I certainly have been no Angel in younger days either! and so I give him credit for trying. More importantly I just hope Spread is a good and successful film, both as a quality film and he achieves what he's hoping to gain by making it to begin with.

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