Tuesday, March 11, 2008


On this day where traditionally people send you wishes and thoughts are in a positive celebratory manner, I figured I'd make a post about things that make me happy. It contains absolutely zero insightful, worthwhile reflections or anything remotely meaningful, other than these things quite simply make me happy :)

yep-Hallam Foe for the win!

Jamie Bell rules. 'nuff said

David Mackenzie is THE MAN! WOOT goo David (yea open fangirl moment but what the heck)

Jamie Sives and Shirley Henderson.
Two of my favorite actors from one of my fave films; so talented, so wonderful, so spot on in every movie they make!

Jamie Sives is awesome!

This photo reflects a joy that most people i think wish they had at work.They looked so happy, it made me happy to see this, I just wanted to hug them (and then watch as they ran as far away from me as possible lol). Seriously though, three people I admire and respect; hope I get to meet them someday!It would be my genuine honor.

Get Your People: The blog that gave me refuge, honest insight and learning and frankly a bit of joy when the walls were caving in and all I wanted to do was go fling myself off a bridge- makes me one of those weirdos David talks about but there you go. Thank you Colin Kennedy who is wonderful and David and everyone at Sigma for letting me and all your readers share in what you do, its been such a joy! Happiness :)

Bonus: Snow Patrol who make me Happy too :)

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