Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mister Foe to Screen at Florida Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival

Well now that an official US release date is out there for Mister Foe (aka Hallam Foe-still LOATHE the name change bleh) the film is continuing to make various appearance at film festivals across the country before May.

The film is set to make what is labeled it's "East Coast Premiere" lol at the Florida Film Festival on March 29. Apparently it is competing as a "Spotlight" film; the movie (which was officially rated "R" here recently) will screen on March 31st as well. In what is imo a piece of crap journalism and waste of column space, the Orlando Sentinel gave it a bad 'review' although there is nary any review I could see, other than summary, so I'm not sure what this was supposed to tell the local folks there in the magic land of Disney and MGM and Seaworld, but hopefully many people wont pay too much attention to this. Press is always good, but this one -meh.

UPDATE: Word now the film is to screen at the Philadelphia Film festival on April 7 and 9. Making yet another "East Coast Premiere" lolol, at least the writeup/preview review for this is a good one, with the author saying "
Hallam Foe is one of the most memorable and disarmingly likable troubled outsiders to hit screens in some time, and Jamie Bell delivers a tour de force performance. Hallam’s demons are close to the surface, and some of his behavior is indefensible, but somehow it’s always clear that he is harmless and as sympathy-worthy as a wounded animal. The film’s stormy exuberance and youthful sense of desperation is irresistible, but an infectious humor keeps the movie light. The fantastic, jangly indie rock soundtrack is another highlight, and this seductive tale of late adolescence seems sure to be a Festival hit."

Conversely though, the word Mister Foe is to be newly released here in the States is making it's way into other media pieces, such as getting mentions in recent articles about Sophia Myles and Ciaran Hinds. Mr Hinds (Papa Julius Foe) who is currently appearing on Broadway in The Seafarer, was the subject of this article which also mentions his recent appearance in the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (with the always wonderful Shirley Henderson, another Sigma al
um of sorts). I saw Miss Pettigrew recently which I enjoyed, and although Francis McDormand is consistently good, I honestly thought both Shirley and Ciaran were the highlights of the movie. It was pleasant enough for a few hours, certainly nothing outstanding though, and quite honestly I'm glad I had seen it as a sneak preview (read =free ticket) and wouldn't have paid full price to see it in theaters, and would recommend people wait to rent it on DVD or wait for cable.

Tangent: Speaking of renting, while I am not sure of the date yet,
Mister Foe will be out on Netflix I predict by late summer/fall, certainly by Christmas besides the DVD which I will be getting too. Oh yes, in Australia, the Hallam Foe DVD is apparently coming out on the 26th of March .

Finally, apparently in an article mostly about her hit television series Moonlight, Sophia Myles mentions Hallam Foe. errm naturally I cant find the link for it at the moment, but the point is the word is getting out here and there and its bound to continue, which is good, esp to the Moonlight crowd which is huge as the show is quite popular and has a loyal following on the net. Sophia is playing a media person who is tangled up with a hunky guy who happens to be a vampire, ie a relationship totally doomed to fail if it ever gets there -hmm now where I have seen this sort of situation before *coughBuffyAngelForeverKnightcough* :P lol Useless side note: Vampires are all the rage here again, as I received all three of the those huge best seller Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer as a birthday gift and I can now understand what all my friends have been on about for months lol. They are what I call 'bon bon' books-easy breezy tasty and utterly disposable reading, nonetheless I've spent the last couple days and late nights reading them in between work and dealing with my wounded leg which is slowly starting heal. Shallow, predict
able, yet enjoyable enough, I see why the unrequited love for a vampire thing is now so popular again, especially with the younger crowd. Vampires as hit books arent anything new of course and I won't go into the whole Anne Rice and New Orleans thing-shes totally wrong though the vampires and ghosts in that they do NOT live in the block she said, they are elsewhere in the city and in plenty of other cities in the south too! ;)
As for vampire watching, the only vampire movie I prefer is the original LOST BOYS, which they apparently made a sequel too (new trailer here at MTV) and heh without Keifer and Jason Patric, this movie looks way lame, but I digress badly) Bonus video-org trailer for Lost Boys, which is a cult classic I guess, but I remember this was quite the rage in my younger days and still love it all these years later.

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