Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sweet! It's Scotland Week 2008!

Today is March 30, which is the official beginning of the annual Scotland Week, celebrating and promoting all things Scottish here in the US. For the past couple years I've thought this is a cool thing to be certain, but the hidden bonus is I also now have a whole host of randomly and marginally Sigma Films things to write about for the next week! The blog gods are smilin' on me for sure ;)

This event is of course to help promote tourism,and spread the word on the many various ,and I think very interesting, facets of Scotland. As the marketing for the week states, over 12 million Americans claim Scottish ancestry (including myself) and I have paid attention to this week for a variety of reasons over the past few years.

There are events planned in some of the more major cities in the US, including the annual parade in NYC (always a good time and good excuse to gather and drink afterwards too lol), as are the various things in the press highlighting Scottish cities, arts, music, literature etc; things touristy and cultural to be sure, but I am also keen on the whisky and food aspect as well,but more on that later this week. All of it culminates in the big Tartan day on Sunday April 6. According to the website April 6 is important because "in 1998 the US Senate designated 6 April each year as Tartan Day "in recognition of the monumental achievements and invaluable contributions made by Scottish Americans." Previously, in some parts of the US, and in other parts of the world ,notably Canada where a Tartan Day was already in place, special events had been held to celebrate this day. But the Senate resolution has provided a further impetus and a growing number of organisations and individuals are having their own local festivities."

After getting a press release on all of this, I took a quick glance at the various sites for this, and lo and behold I did spot a sorta Sigma related person, Kelly Cooper Barr who is one of the people profiled as a Voice of Scotland. Now I've seen her name and photos pop up a few times on the GetYourPeopleBlog and in those pics from Motovun, and never knew what she did or why she was there (someones girlfriend or something I guess) On the Scotland week page there is a link to a site, and it said she is located at the fabulous FilmCity Glasgow, which of course is the home of Sigma Films. Another quick look about shows this person is also a stylist and pr person, so maybe she does pr for the film company or something -no idea though. On her website it shows her work as a fashion stylist, which I think must be a fun job (and she seems to be good too, given the quality photos I saw), although she would take a look at me, currently blogging in my beloved but old Dave Matthews Band pink fairy tee, sweats and flip flops and know I totally fail in the fashion department lol (you'd never know by that description I faithfully read those magazines, love project runway and pay attention to it, just struggle pitifully with putting it together though *sigh* hahah oh well)

Speaking of fashion, lets talk kilts and another random Sigma mention :)As for kilts, lets just be plain about it: men in kilts are downright handsome, and sexy sexy SEXY and I know full well I am not alone in the slightest in thinking that and enjoying that show! I remember seeing several pics of say Gerard Butler, the wonderful Tony Curran (Red Road) and most especially Sigma Films exec, producer and actor Alastair Mackenzie who looked way fine on the runway sporting one during the excellent Dressed to Kilt event , which apparently has been postponed until October this year-BOOOO!!! Side note: I loved Alastair as Archie in the Monarch of the Glen , he was just top notch all the way around and he never wore a kilt enough for me lolol. Yes I know Duncan was the keeper of the Glenbogle kilt lol love him and he was so funny and great in that part (plus I heard that kilt went thru several incantations due to wear and tear), but still. Because Im a hopeless romantic, I always thought it was a shame that when Archie proposed to Lexie he was sporting those tartan pants which were wretched lol, although on the other hand bless Lexie was wearing her Scarlett O'hara gown with those nasty hoops, which makes dancing neigh impossible and quite a feat lol-I've worn a hoop skirt a couple times in the past-corsets I don't mind at all, but hoops UGGGH poor Dawn Steele. He made up for it though, by wearing a proper kilt when Archie went charging after her and Superman stopped the bus in a kinda goofy but completely swoon-worthy moment lol Im such a hopeless sapp. Anyway, bring on Scotland in all its old traditions and modern delights, Cheers ahead for Scotland week!

Bonus video: My fave Archie/Lexie fan video featuring the dreaded tartan pants lol

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