Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Less Brighter

Today there is word the great British director Anthony Minghella has died. I know this has nothing to do specifically with Sigma films, but the passing of this very fine director has made me sad; sad for his family and friends and colleagues, sad because the world of art and cinema and storytelling is a little less bright today.

An Oscar winner for the lovely "The English Patient," Anthony Minghella made some simply wonderful films in his career, and although I never met this man, his film Truly Madly Deeply speaks to my heart and is one of my favorites, as is Cold Mountain. There was much ado over his decision to cast two non American actors in the title roles, but I thought Jude Law gave the best performance of his career in "Cold Mountain," and frankly as a person who knows the south, Renee Zellweger was spot on as Ruby. It would be odd to describe a film character as someone you know but there are parts of Ruby that are me and I marveled at her performance. Anyway, with a resume of many wonderful movies, several of Mr. Minghella's films are my most favorite of all time, and I saddened by the news that his light wont be cast with new films any more.

I am more sad however that a good man has passed. I say a good man because he touched the lives of so many, not just through his films, but in charity works and also in the life of a dear friend of mine. She was going through her second time battling breast cancer and had been online in a chat room etc and was able to strike up a correspondence with Anthony Minghella. He went out of way time and time again, this Oscar winning, famous wealthy successful man, to speak and write several times with my friend and it made a world of difference to her-not just through the chemo but later as a friend. He also later invited her daughter to his house when she was in London studying which was quite the event, and anyway it was the most minor of things that made such a huge difference to others. I found it so impressive because as my friend was later to share portions with me, he was treating her as a PERSON and not just a "movie goer" "reader" or a"fan." He remembered that she was a human being, that there are real live people behind the words and mails and treated her with such dignity, humor, and kindness. It is this quality, that no matter how successful or famous, you remember you are a human too and we are all in the same boat, well it's a quality that I find most admirable. While I've written David M several times, he actually took the time out once to mail back a couple years ago now and I was so excited, I printed it out and framed it lol. That feeling of gratitude and appreciation still holds true without exception every single time when I hear from someone I admire and respect, say when people like Colin or any one involved in any other production or situation takes time out to answer and connect and listen. Today just served as a reminder to me of how important seemingly little things like this can be.

In a world where I hear sad and tragic news every single day, I was genuinely saddened to learn of this news and my condolences and prayers go to his family friends and colleagues and others whose life he touched.

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