Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stepping Back from the Spread

I love to read. I read many papers and spend many hours working and reading on the internet each and every day without fail, and have done so for many years now. Although I'm back at trying for the long elusive PhD yet again, as a media person, I fully support the right to free expression and the sharing of information. There are times however when I become saddened at the state of media I stumble over, such as some of the things the tabloids, paparazzi and various gossip/media sites put online.

I guess I'm having a moment this morning where I am disheartened by what Ive seen, read and it makes me want to step back from writing about Spread for a while. It is the nature of blogging and being a fan that you write about things, news pics videos and the like because its very rare to have an actual ongoing source of news from a movie set, such as we had with the Hallam Foe blog. I guess I was throughly spoiled and I do mean completely because I loved Colin's work and the blog so much and followed it so closely, it makes me sad there is not something of the same calibre for other movies and projects Im interested in, such as what David is up to with Spread. I know I am probably rude and impatient, greedy and selfish probably, and I know there will be proper updates accordingly, but realizing this about myself makes me sad.

The other day I blogged about all those latest pictures of Ashton at the pool because those photos were just splashed practically everywhere (they will also be in many of the more mainstream celeb mags like People etc) and yet today on some major gossip/lj sites, they are just raking Ashton (and this film) over the coals in the most hateful and vile manner; tis most discouraging and frankly appalling. Even more discouraging today was I went to another well known paparazzi site (yet these guys really are aggressive and post a huge amount of intrusive photos) and I had such mixed emotions. They had new photos of from filming of Spread, and now also video of David Mackenzie directing a scene again. At first I was all so happy and my usual twee fangirl self and was all whee!because I got to see David at work and actual behind the scenes stuff for movie making: David was directing another scene, this time with the star and some chick having an argument by the car and I was thinking hey this is cool to watch. However, as I kept on watching it I got sadder and more mad at myself. I'm gathering this movie must be some sort of period piece ie set in the 70/80 cause no WAY do women wear the outfit the girl was sporting-straight out of the old sitcom Three's Company. She was wearing some ridiculously short shorts, that frankly no one wears in real life, and then you can see her rehearsing in her Ugg boots when poof they shoot the actual scene and they have her teetering about in high heels with the shorts. HOW TACKY, so disappointing to see that. *sigh* I had such high hopes that this would be a more intelligent smart sexy comedy instead of what seems to be so cliche so standard and low brow , well frankly I'm disappointed for now. Plus, in other photos, you could also tell they were none to happy with the constant prying eyes of the papps and hence people like me who follow this stuff. bugger. :((( It's also made me reassess whether I should even be writing about any of this, for most of the information I've seen has come from those sites and all Ive done is repost some of the more cleaner I guess or less icky of the photos. Still I wonder if by trying to support and follow David's work I'm not actually supporting some of the more vile elements that come along with these things and anyway, its all made me stop and reflect on it this morning.

This is not meant to be some mea culpa post where I'm beating myself up for having gone to these sites in the first place or even writing about them, just me being honest with myself and putting my thoughts down somewhere which is the whole point of this blog. Truth is no matter how well read I try to be, how versed I can actually be on matters of history, US politics or boring international relations or pressing social matters , as much as I try to maintain an open mind and honestly enjoy comparatively frivolous things too like fashion magazines, or faithfully follow music or movies (or movie makers!), I also do flip through those tacky celeb magazines while in the checkout lane, and go to those sites every now and then. The reality of me is I really am a sorta well intentioned but less than brainy Bridget Jones type of person who will never be much more than that, and that realization kinda hits pretty hard now and then.

Anyway there really isn't much discussion of David's new film going on elsewhere anyway; only a handful at this point who seem to care if there is an actual plot (and of course my interest is mainly because of David and being a loyal fan of his) and some of the Ashton fans are only interested because hes shirtless gah. Maybe things will change direction of course once filming is done and the marketing/official stills/trailers etc start to surface and we get closer to next year's release date. Until then I think I will be writing less about that movie for now.

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