Thursday, March 20, 2008

Through the Eyes of Children

News on the progress of Rounding up Donkeys is slow, but bits and pieces do trickle out now and then. If you brave and patient enough to endure the comments on IMDB, in the midst of some of the ZOMG SOOOOHOOOTTT!!! and random trolls, every once in a while there will be a good intelligent thread or if you are really lucky, a piece of filming news. Now there is no way to verify any of this, and having learned my lessons several times over that you simply cant always trust what is read over there, however there were two pieces of news saying that RuD was filming the other night on some place called Victoria Bridge in Glasgow, and even better a bit of news from an extra in the movie who says he took part in some location work was done at some place called "Nice n sleazys" on Sauchiehall street last week. LOL with a name like that naturally I had to go look it up. The street looks like a happening place, and this club is apparently one of the hip places to go hear bands so I will add that to my itinerary when I go to Glasgow .I'm well aware now that Glasgow has a seriously awesome new music scene, and although Im going on the first trip by myself, it should be ok I think and cant wait to see if I happen to hear a great band while Im there.

I think extras in movies are always cool people, showing such enthusiasm just to be part of films so I appreciated hearing this. Speaking of extras there was a news story online involving extras and Rounding Up Donkeys. The story was about a young child who was lucky enough to be cast as an extra for the movie. Quotage:

"The eight-year-old was given her own scene, in which she had to stare at Cosmo from the doorway of a high-rise flat. Although she will only be on screen for seconds, she was introduced to the film’s star and the director, and said she was treated like a VIP by the crew.

She told The Courier, “I was really surprised that I got in the film and was really excited. I was really nervous, but it felt like being a real actress. I got my own car and they gave me an umbrella so I didn’t get wet.

“James Cosmo was really, really nice to me. When my mum asked him if we could take a picture he just said yes straight away.

“But the film’s an 18 so my mum’s just going to show me the clip that I’m in. She’s seen the first one and it’s a bit too adult for me so I don’t think she’ll let me see this one.”

Awww so cute! and Lol to the mother, totally understandable of course because these films are hardly Disney/Potter/Speed racer stuff, I was glad to read this story. Working with children is always hard ,and I think the labor laws always make filming with children a hard thing to work around or at least that is what I understand. Children in any sort of production can be a mixed blessing of course- impatience over the waits in between shoots etc, but then there is such pure happiness enthusiasm and earnest ness that must make it such a joy in the end run. I remember once before I made the decision to go into news, I wanted so badly to have a career in theatre, and I worked my summers at these permanent summer camps as a the head counselor for their theatre department. Frankly these were camps where the affluent of New York sent their kids (often times straight away after they came home from boarding school-heartbreaking at times to see teh younger ones esp-the 6 78 years old desperate for the affection of their parents only to be shuffled off yet again) Anway, I loved these kids and vividly remember the challenges in putting plays. Everyone got to be in a productions and I will never forget ne summer when putting on Cinderella for the younger groups how proud the kids were to just be mice and lizards lol! bless such fun!

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