Thursday, March 6, 2008

Film It, They Will Come

I think it must be unofficial traffic week for the directors at Sigma. First there are great black & white photos of Colin risking limb and life for his We Are the Physics music video side project (and apparently the plot of this video involves a play on the cult classic attack of the 50 ft woman, who is now apparently destroying Glasgow-just hope the city is returned to proper shape for when I visit there ;)

Now in the continuing "Spread" watch, there are new photos for the third day in a row, this from where director David Mackenzie is shown with his star Ashton Kutcher (and now Anne Heche) traffic, at LAX of all places lolol. Guess its hard to be inconspicuous at that crazy busy terminal, but I have been surprised at how much tabloid coverage there is of this shoot. Gotta say (and Im no fashion diva), but not too hip on that suspender look that Ashton is sporting in this film, but then again Trinny and Susannah would have a field day with me plus he is Ashton and models so what do I know lol.

UPDATE: Video has surfaced of David directing Ashton Kutcher on set (involving a busy LA street now!) and is now available via JFX Online lol. You can clearly see David give directions about a dance move, then they start the scene, Ashton's character crosses the busy street, then he attempts to con his way out of a parking ticket and dances with the meter maid lolol. Clearly traffic is the word of the week ;)

I know there are usually some onlookers for location shoots in public places, even when they shot Hallam Foe in Edinburgh there were photos that popped up on flickr even, but it amazes me how much we all like to see how these things are made, even when youve seen location shoot photos many many times before. Perhaps it's that celeb fascinated culture again, but I remember once when Spiderman 3 was filming, my brother and my three nephews went down to watch all the excitement. My nephew Ewan, dressed in full Spidy costume, took one look at the huge numbers of people there for the shoot, and grew concerned, fearing the Green goblin would take advantage of such 'diversionary tactics' and was fully prepared to help defend his hero. However, once he saw the star of the movie NOT in costume, he grew very upset, and with illusions shattered, he then started blasting his imaginary webshots at the actor saying what have you done with the real Spiderman, give him back! Lol Perhaps there are some things that shouldnt be revealed too much!

Speaking of the wonderful flickr, there is even a group (and groups) of the various locations and shoots for films, taken by just regular people who happen to travel or see these things, and these are the photos I enjoy the most I guess. Speaking as someone looking in at the movie making scene, its always a joy to know that others enjoy this too

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