Tuesday, April 6, 2010

USA Today on Valhalla Rising, More

Quick update today for those who still might be interested in the release for Valhalla Rising. Recently, the British Board of Film Classification gave the movie a "15" rating, noting the movie contains "strong bloody violence." you think? :P

Note this rating is NOT the same on this lame ass DVD cover for the UK DVD of the movie, which shows Mads ala Kill Bill mode, complete with the army from 300 or something looming in the background and Mads clutching a sword he clearly borrowed from William Wallace.. O_O *sigh*

Also, the USA Today has a new preview of the film from Nicholas Refn (and featuring Jamie Sives) sporting a July 23 US RELEASE DATE. HOwever, on the official IFC films page, it says IN THEATRES JUNE 4. uh huh

For those playing along at home, feel free to drink on any of these dates if proven even remotely accurate:
* April 26 : UK Amazon says DVD release
* April 30 : UK Theatrical Release date according to official FB page
* May 17: Play.com says UK DVD release date
* June 4 : US release date one (from official IFC film distrib. page)
* July 23: USA Today says via release from IFC films)
*July 24: We all drink

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