Thursday, April 22, 2010

UPDTED: Jamie Sives Confirmed for "Get Him to the Greek" with Russell Brand

CONFIRMED! Just got the word that YES INDEED Jamie Sives will be seen in Russell Brand's upcoming "Get Him to the Greek." As some of us will recall, Jamie and Russell are old mates, as I believe they went to drama school in London together at one point. Anyhow, Jamie will be seen briefly (lots of fun cameos in the movie ) in a small part as a comedian for the film which is due out June 4th. Yay! :)))

Here is a quick update on other happenings with Jamie:

There is a cute new 'Stayin Alive' spot airing for "It's a Wonderful Life" that shows a new shot (@1:25) of Jamie with his fellow police officer (mark addy?);
screengrab here

Valhalla Rising
is getting some press (interesting series of shots/quotes with Refn at Empire, Times interview Refn, Herald which has this brief mention Apart from Mikkelsen, the film is populated largely by Scots, including Gary Lewis, Jamie Sives and Ewan Stewart. “It was always meant to be Scottish actors, because the film takes place in that region, so there was no point in casting Americans,” says Refn. “Plus I loved the whole accent thing. It gives it a more robust edge.”) before the release next week; if you should like to book tickets to the UK showings you can do so at this link. (website still not open, no idea if it ever will be at this point with the DVD coming so soon after the release)

Clash continues to do well at the box office but imo gah dont see it in 3d, because as tempting as it was for me it was such a mess, 2d is better (yes saw it twice just to see that 2 mins or so of Jamie, thats what true fans do despite laughing at the too many ripoffs of other films/homage attempts in the film) Mads is by far the best part of that film (despite the awesomeness that is Jamie who even has a few lines !! early in the film, which I was thrilled before umm he meets the smokey monster from Lost or whatever lol still... LOVE YOU JAMIE!).

Finally, there was a piece last week in the Scotsman about films made in Edinburgh. Alas, no mention of the superb Hallam Foe from David Mackenzie and Sigma Films which was beautifully shot in the equally beautiful city *sighs* However as a bonus, thanks to the ever awesome Chossychoss channel, we can see three clips of Jamie in Hallam Foe below. Thanks so much to chossy dude for uploading those!!! (even though as Jamie says his character of Alisdair is a complete arse and he totally is booo! but..., still easy on the eye :D)


  1. Thanks for the update on Jamie and for all the pics too!

  2. WHAT?!>?!?!? jamie was in clash of the titans????? where? i went to see that movie just for the heck of it and was excited to see mads but.. omg i woulda died if i woulda saw jamie! (saw it dubbed in another language or i definitely woulda recognized the voice) booo :( now i'll have to go see it again!