Thursday, April 29, 2010

Valhalla Rising UK Screening List and DVD News Update

This is NOT a Sigma production, but for those long time readers who are looking for news on Valhalla Rising starring Mads and Jamie Sives, here is a quick update. As per Scottish Screen and producer Karen Smyths website you can now see the list of theatres that will be screening Valhalla Rising when it opens tomorrow. Notable:
London Apollo Piccadilly starting tomorrow for a week
Edinburgh, Cameo, tickets here
Glasgow (May 11 at 8:30 pm and May 12 8:30pm, tickets GFT)
Entire List below:

30/04/2010 - Apollo Piccadilly Circus, London
30/04/2010 - Ritzy Brixton, London
30/04/2010 - Cameo, Edinburgh
07/05/2010 - Watershed, Bristol
07/05/2010 - Showroom, Sheffield
07/05/2010 - Tyneside, Newcastle
10/05/2010 - Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow
14/05/2010 - Hippodrome, Bo'ness
14/05/2010 - Phoenix, Leicester
15/05/2010 - Rio, Dalston
28/05/2010 - Contemporary Arts, Dundee
07/06/2010 - Forum, Northampton
07/06/2010 - Cinema 3, Canterbury
11/06/2010 - Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth
TBC - Genesis, London

As a follow to what I reported here a few week ago, the VH DVD will be out on May 17 in the UK, with an official press release just going out today formally confirming that but also containing a large size image of that AWFUL LAME cover. Im sorry but thats just a joke, please a kill bill rip off w/bravehart's sword, there is NO swarm of 300 type gladiators in this kill gah. embarrassing. Anyway, it would seem we are only getting "insightful audio commentary with director Nicolas Winding Refn and journalist Alan Jones" which is good of course, but woe no deleted scenes or cast interviews; will try and verify that if possible.

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